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I am coming for mommy and daddy.

Fuckface fergie, trustfund piggy.

Supporting cast will soon follow.

When people lay with Dogs ur bound

to Catch fleas.

Prepare, batten down hatches

Muthafuckas cuz its gunna be a bumpy


I'm returning fire, prepare To die


a cereal killa, mommy's liver gunna

fail, daddy painful Death expect


Fuckface fergi car accident,

Emu wallgrin, accidental suicide.

Walls @ penisanus beginning to


Just like cousin kelly.

Mommy and daddy are frightened of

First born, a child Neither could


Now ur going to understand My Power

and ferocity.

I'm killing every single one!

u've taken best shots, put contract

On My life, and now I will restore

Balance, sealing death warrants.

Have a nice day muthafuckamuthas.

What is funny, asshole in nursing

Home will outlast all of u, and he'll

Die alone.

Fate no different only extended