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Starbux interview

I've barista'ed, applied for starbucks.

Liza interviewed me.

impression's: cold, unnatural,

and superficial.

Eyes piercing, marked in a firm tight

cat eye.

Half greek and asian skin hauntingly

pail, skin felt artificial.

Robotic in demeanor, I lacked color

and sense of humor.

First question: Are you looking full

or part time?

Full time.

Liza's response, "16 hours per week@


No, outrageous tattoos, I show Liza my

Tattoo asked, "would my tattoo be

considered outrageous?

Liza's response, "you'd have to ask


unionized branch 30-300 in dues pend

on tier if I receive job.

interview flopped like a dead

enflamed trout.