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emily pathology

Girl had drug problems at young age, a desiccated frame lacking any hydration.

Distorted cheeks, nose, and forhead.

she uses drugs to feel in control.

emily leaves for college mixed alcohol and prescription drugs caused bloat and serious weight gain.

girl reminds me now of peguin from batman.

Except her nose is pig like, cheeks like chris chringle, forehead she grew into, and horse like gumline.

Very insecure, clingly, but puts up a front "she is not like that."

Into aspects of domination, control, and devious behaviour.

Spreads herself thin inbetween projects, Boys, and has zero level of commitment.

stays very unattached and aloof.

Until she feels slided, ignored, or uses sex for love, money for means to keep drug habit.

emily works in shityard infested with sleeze, drugs, sex used for favors, bonus's, and job opportunity.

Lil lolita and runde thought they had my murder plot planned.

Went fatal attraction when she married my husband.

how close did she come?

Well, emily worked with my husband for 3 years, purchased tacky ring, married 2-14-2015.

How romantic day we registered for our license.

Purchased 2 plane tickets one in October 2014 and another ticket in February.

My husband planned a trip for wedding, hotel stay, and flight.

Land in San Deigo, 5 hour trip to Vegas, stay for a quick honey moon, and drive from Las Vegas to Washington State.

Logistics of incidious plan.