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No Divorce

We don't need to divorce, u keep bi-cuntie backseat lova. Since I feel he is bi-sexual it throws runde out of my pussy, competition, and disqualified.

Separate rooms, I want 5 locks on my door, so if runde wants to pick locks at least this will help give him a mental workout.

I don't want him fucking on my bed, things, or anything of mine really.

I want dates arriving at front door, not through my window, or having idiots throw rocks like some taylor swift video.

I like the idea of being married and telling guy I am seeing this is my room mate gives me a serious kick.

If I want to fuck him, I can bring him home with zero shame, who knows I might cum knowing my husband is anywhere.

I have issues with orgasms, then again runde can not tell if I had or did not have orgasm.

tells me how immature his cock truly is for someone who is a master at love making?

It's amazing how many women pumped his sorry ass into thinking he is mister lover man.

Didn't teach him shit only pumped his ego.