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daddy a contradiction in terms, considering last time I called bruce dad, I was a little girl with stars in my eyes.

I wanted my daddy, talk about some naive shit, daddy told me I was nothing more than an obligation, and sent brandi away because we were not his children.

Whatta man of contradiction, daddy better protect ur babies, cuz when ur gone they are dead.

and I can't wait for sparks, fireworks, and I want the forest to burn all woodland creatures.

I want ur guts spilled telling fortelling ur future, and Eldest has a serious line in on u.

u molested me, mims, and lew.

What after fucking with son's booty hole, did u think he'd wind up str-8?

No, boy has gender identity issues, based on his tiny cock, molested by u, prolly put in institution cuz lew wouldn't listen.

Thought molestation/control would give lew direction? (sounds like it backfired)

now kill ur worthless proginy.

heh, now ur boy is just a fucked as u, sad problem u don't even identify with ur son.

I suppose fuckin kids is a unwritten part in controlling children.

Cuz when u die, mims will be so lost, confused, and sad.

Lew isn't 30 yet, hopefully he'll step forward, but he wants money so he won't.

valued lil gurl more, and I understand why considering u were molested by daddy.

handed down Familial incestual love yuck.

u and lassie have that in common.

Put ur children in quite the predicament, mims reproduced hehehe.

Want to ruin and fuck up my life?

Shit, pissed off over a child u can't control?

If I didn't know any better I'd say My father is in love with me due to his level of distruction.

Since ur all about control, and can't find a vice for me to hang on to?

Drugs, Alcohol, Sex, or Money...

All I ever wanted was love is an easy vice, and since I married for misery.

Did u think I would kill myself over fake love?

nigga better think harder, and u say ur a good judge of character, and falling for my husband's lies.


Hear word ringing in ear like a gun shot.

keep My mommy hangin on string god, I wish she would kill u, but her love for u stops her.

Actually its drugs u provide for her which keeps u alive.

mommy protects her perps, and u play on that muthafucka.

My daddy a devil in sheeps clothing, he so sweet, so nice, polite, look how people admire a polished turd.

Idiot, u'll be going down for them, mr. patsy. (far gone, zero return, only death lurks for u).

I'll be the one to put u in ur grave, from afar with capabilities I possess, ready remote death, I'll be the one to push the little red button.

ur on My clock now bruce.

Ways u know how to control with a sick dose of blackmail.

Blackmailing people daddy will wind up gettin ya killed, Just like My Grandfather.

daddy thinks he smarter this time, just pay ur fuckin taxes government doesn't care how much ya make just fucking pay ur taxes.

Greed will kill many others based on hair brained schemes.

u can't touch my husband cuz coming after him shows guilt.

ur stuck working with dave fuckfacefurg and emi wallgrin can't lose ur shit yard pharmacutical business.

losing a huge chunk of change considering lifestyle u love.