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Isn't funny emi doesn't want to fight for u, but she's happy being a sideline ho, thank u for helping My man receive job at shityard.

I don't know how much cock he needed to suck in order to move up through ranks.

treated like a king and given such perks to help his affair.

Lover hoping to be on his arm b/c of what emi thinks she can do for runde?

What can she do for him?

Except have him suck cock behind closed doors?

u'll accept behaviour because emi understands culture of military life.

I suppose molestation is a huge part of loving someone deeply and dearly.

To the funny part.

emi, u don't want to fight for him?

why did u come creeping when he needed or wanted?

u fought silently.

Why don't u want to fight for a man u love?

It's easier being the backseat cheerleader cuz it would seem he wants u in every way except in his bed.

Cuz he knows the exciting life both encountered will come to an end, and neither want it to stop.