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man killed on tractor for resisting arrest

Franklin, a 44 yr old man, parked in his tractor at WalMart.

Officers told Franklin they had a warrant for his arrest.

Franklin asked to see warrant.

He was not leaving with Officers until he saw warrant for arrest.

Officers stated warrant was at precinct, approached Franklin and tried to pull him from tractor.

Franklin was not budging.

Officers tased Franklin while putting him in what looked like an assassins headlock which can kill a person in under 60 seconds.

They repeatedly abused Franklin with excessive tasings while another Officer choked the fuck out of him.

They killed Franklin using unnecessary force.

Judgement: Officers need to be arrested, printed, photographed, and tossed in Jail waiting to stand trial for Murder.

Unfortunately, Bad Officers are given immunity for killing someone unjustly and having Bad Officers like this is what gives Good Officers a bad rep.