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dave han

Retired from shityard 2008 helped runde gain position in Japan although colin baloney would disagree.

The expensive bottle of hibiki runde brought back to say thank you.

runde brings back cute plastic trinkets for family.

My daughter loved cheap trinkets.

There was nothing he brought home for me, cuz I didn't want anything.

I regress back to dave h.

Nigger burned house down.

he needed insurance money to build new home.

runde said, "electrical blew, well well guess who worked around electrical for years."

Ding, ding, dave would know a thing or 2 about overloading circuits.

No, dave would not burn house down, sis was in process of pushing dave's collectors vehicle from garage.

What does that prove?

Nadda damn thing.

2 years still building over budgeted, 30% still needs to be finished, now thats out of pocket cost what more is he willing to burn to complete masterpiece?