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congrats ewcunt

Congrats on marrying way to soon, after chasing a married man for the past 16 years think ur ready to be married to riley jake fakey?

3 months after divorcing runde?

What are u hoping for a Mr. Robinson scene where he objects to marriage, and he runs away with u?

How many lil romance novels have u read? and believe fantasy is real?

I feel for ur horse Groovester he shows signs of abuse hand on his head, eyes tell a story.

What a tacky trendy ring celtic knot with hearts, thick back end, weak forefront, and with big ugly diamond.

No sparkle, shine, fire, depth, clarity, lemme guess a ungradable must have been a bargin bin deal.

After u marry u'll realize it's the biggest mistake u ever made in giving ur freedom so readily to a man u think u grew up with?

Insecurity, Envy, and Low self esteem will kick in and everything he thought u are.

riley will see who he truly married a controlling, conniving, and convicting woman who will accuse him of cheating.

I hope riley will understand where uncontrollable issues and urges are a direct reflection of her past, and shows true feelings.

Issues of abandonment, needing attention, emotional vampire one who will suck energy from anyone if allowed.

If riley can not give ewcunt attention needs or feels deserved she will look for other men to have needs fullfilled.