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Sherman, s-man, super man, and super human.

Without Sherman my teacher, mentor, survivalist, giving understanding without compromise.

Teaching love cultivates mind, gives embodiment of soul, neither can work without either component.

Mind critical emotions abstract. Working part which work as one.

Learning how to apply knowledge in all aspects of life.

Never with hold information, investigate, speak my truth, and never lie.

Sherman was a pure contradiction.

But Sherman never went of his way to lie..

except when Sherman drove uhaul truck.. Sherman fell asleep behind wheel..

imagine biggest uhaul truck slid from w. Virginia/Pulaski Kentucky line 750 ft.

Good thing I put my safety belt on otherwise I would be road pizza today.

My daughter 3 months old went flying through air.

When truck stopped first person I am looking for I am stomping all over Mer.

Mer covered in soft blankets pillows, and slept..

mer woke up thanks to my level of panick..

everyone in truck unharmed, it was the last time Sherman and I spoke.

That was in 1995.

Contacted Sherman in 2004..

asked him what happened and why didn't he pull into rest stop?

Its a question he never answered..

for a man who answered everything didn't have an answer.