/ critical

Cunt please

I didn't fuck up ur life, no one said spread'em.

u spread legs for daddy, nobody told u to fuck bruce, fuck u didn't have to give birth.

I suppose u wanted to blame me for ur lack of motivation.

Abuse me the way bruce abused u.

What a poor baby!!

Thats right daddy fucker, couldn't handle reality?

Needed amphetamines for a boost in confidence?

Look at where ur drug abuse has landed u, hep c, failed gallbladder, failing liver.

Double mastectomy, ridiculous boobs that look funny on ur frame.

ur hair turned into straw, see evil u put out there?

Has comeback to u.

Think fuckin guys I have dated, plus the one I married.

Put a feather in ur cap? Heh

What a spoiled lil gurl.

Don't u see boys want to stick cock in pussy and toss ass in dumpster.

bruce doesn't want u, doug had a great time, sherman went back to ex wife.

gnat kept u as side ho.

u give pussy away to readily, confusing sex for love.

Sounds like failure to thrive, still hooked on bruce after all these years.

Poor juliet when will u die??

time will reveal, and I can't wait to hear all about it.