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Socio experiment: watching wild life in natural habitat.

I am a descendant of Chief Joseph; Nez Perce DNA, a natural permeation of genetics which can not be replicated.

Zero proof in validating. Genetic Markers for Native Americans are practically non existent. Next best ancestry trace, where my story begins.

My DNA can not be cloned live samples are necessary for research. Imagine, best minds on planet earth can't crack my DNA.

A one of a kind stemmed from powerful Native American/Asian/European Stock. A Unique genetics strumming within universe.

My DNA affects intuition, and how I perceive my surroundings.

Information flows through my veins through varying connections.

Pictures created, formed, and relay in a confused state. Somehow data stored for later use.

"They"<-who? I don't have a clue on what agencies have interest in genetics.

They have done a sloppy job.