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judge (pix begin here)

Luretta Lynn tux

Damn looking rough without Botox shoved in face, better correct wrinkles!! Question The Valentine photo: why isn't headlee holding photo and why did u exclude headlee from photo?

03/17/2019 02:54 · alisssandra


I don't have friends, but the one friend I have is the furthest person from me.

03/17/2019 03:37 · alisssandra

Wedding Gift

wart threw out our 1 wedding gift a crocheted queen size blanket from my aunt. wart threw out our blanket day we moved into our house, but he said, “I'm so sorry, want me to go back to dump and pick it up?” How considerate.

03/15/2019 07:08 · alisssandra


People marry for free shit, but pay out the ass to get it ;) *priceless*

03/15/2019 18:16 · alisssandra

Let me see dat pussy spam..

Make a new account I'll bust ur ass so wide u'll need anal traction surgery.

03/15/2019 18:18 · alisssandra

I don't understand

How people carelessly use the word victim after victimizing others? What a contradictory way to live? bruce molested by family, he molested family, my mother molested, she molested family. Meth use would keep lassie away from home. Lassie received 25,000 for back child support money spent in six months, money sucked through nose.

03/15/2019 17:20 · alisssandra

I didn't expect to take care of u.

Call asking for 💰, I didn't expect to take care of u. Don't expect us to care for u. Sorry to crush fantasy.

03/15/2019 03:06 · alisssandra

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