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judge (pix begin here)


wart divorcing emi all gj needs to do is search emi cunt grins, dude cock lowball. Find a 50 year old woman who lives at same address. Search Las Vegas Nevada for marriage certificate. ur not first, second, but 3rd marriage for emi :) Perhaps third time is charm, or a complete shit. under 5 yrs. nigga, gonna cut and run

04/23/2019 18:42 · alisssandra

Getting Bid'nezz done

Alex - How much traffic is expected to come from bots, virtual/cloud servers, or similar? Any clicks that aren't from people are a waste of time and money.

Acme - This is no bot traffic, we use our own traffic system to give you traffic from google. We pay our members to visit your site with the given keywords trough google. So why do you want to cancel the service, after we already send a bunch of traffic to your website ? I mean it's not your first order, and you want to cancel now, after some days were you received our paid traffic. We do deliver exactly as described in our offer. I'm sorry, but sins we don't send bot traffic as you try to tell me, are you welcome to give us a bad voting, but we are not willing to give you free traffic for NO REASON.

Alex - Traffic from greencloud vps to campaign link. specializes in black hat tools. I began Google recap, and Google recap notes a high rate of abusive traffic. I will have more detail when Google processes campaign.

Acme - ok, and what do you expect, that we should do now ?

Alex - u investigate info and see ur reselling bot traffic. Find out u are selling lies. Do the right thing and refund.

Alex - suggested a mutual cancellation. Reason Fake suspicious traffic not Google organic. Funds were returned to the Buyer.

Acme - No problem  So you got FREE Traffic ;) a case to put you on the black list.

Alex - I guess Mr. Masta didn't want negative press about traffic he'$ peddling.

04/23/2019 21:19 · alisssandra

High heels






What fun high heels, what a beautiful time period must be year for princesses. Designers have petite feet model high heel, cuz Bigfoot ruins high heel. 600.00 plus high heel should have back zipper placed so women don't warp or stretch shoe, reinforce bawl and heel of heels. Dr. Martens proven durable and fashionable work. Take a lesson

04/22/2019 17:12 · alisssandra

Bloods written in stone

Man's been on hunt after some wild game. fff, grinz, n brucie on sorry asses for a long time. fff looks to be in some hot financial sewage business head south..like down shitter? Looks like someone harbors a mole in camp, he's damn good none detects presence. He's federal, procedural, anal, and gaining movement. I hear desperate flailing happening in water. People feigning ignorance, can't make people talk.

04/22/2019 16:39 · alisssandra

U fucked up

Weird people follow Me, him, and us. What did he do rip off the mafia? and wart didn't think Asian would not notice bits of incremental money missing? Fuck u they are Asian!! Assholes keep up with Dewey decimal points in stock exchange, wormholing money? I feel as if body snatchers took wart's body by age 12. It's said parasites enter through eye when wart was 2 he suffered eye injury. Parents didn't detect injury immediately. Parasites grow over time. Parasite needs drugs, money, and sex live on base levels of reality. Shit, If I have to say all of that. I was bitten by pitbull age 5. I'm still Me, meaning dog was not infected by parasite. How base level when he's stressed, panicked, and overwhelmed he needs to stick cock in any hole. his immature logic, momma wart fucked her boys up when began fucking sons. wart's sexually abused self shows sign of damage and breakdown. This is what u get for fucking with a 🐢

04/20/2019 17:06 · alisssandra

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