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Written to protect the guilty. Conspiracy interlacing Theory

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A cautionary Tale Enter @ your own risk.

fuckmythoughts twists, turns, scandal reign supreme. I am a Natural Dominant, dominance isn't sex, libido, or ego issues are denied. substandard cock is of no value, consequence, or thought. My Audio Narrative.

Inquisitive Mistress Alisssandra, an Intuitive Sexual Denialist with Artistic Edge. Composes articles questioning relationships, love, commitment, sex, and aftermath. Paints tales of wedded bliss gone awry.

How self denial leads into horrific domestic violence. Sparks deep seeded issues of neglect, abuse, through lack of connection, communication leads to conspiracy, death, and accidental suicides. Morbidity, all to familiar.

Spectrum of topics vanity, delusional fantasies, and exposes dark ethics in Negative Dominance, financial ruination. Call for advice @ Niteflirt 1-800-863-5478 Press 3 enter ext: 0189705.

judge (pix begin here)

wart pulled quarters 1981, 1987, 2000, 2018

What is unique wart pulled from a cup full of change: year they met, birth years, and year they divorced. Coins are talking to him.

It dawned on me, my husband didn't receive last paycheck when he left last job. Did she send last paycheck or was it deposited elsewhere? She sent police over to last address to find nobody there. What was wart's last place of address?

08/21/2019 17:00 · alisssandra

Sexual Dominance is a term for whores

Come from an abused, home from stripper scene, realizing the only way ur gunna get paid is popping pussy with copious amounts of drugs. way of survival for any sexual dominant. Lies, manipulation, and abuse occur when lines are blended making the rule dull. Doesn't matter if partner is married or not as long as u get what u want with price involved. Nothing wrong with a vay-cay from reality.

Men are whores who pay for sex. face it boys u can't call a woman a whore if ur paying for sex. From pick up, dinner, drinks, perhaps other fields of entertainment. Asshole pays whole time, and expectation is thank u for evening shaking the persons hand and walking away is Dominance.

08/21/2019 18:41 · alisssandra

If u don't fit the bill, I don't need another moron

a Natural Dominant with Artistic Edge, dominance isn't sex, libido, or ego issues are denied. substandard cock is of no value, consequence, or thought. slaves have zero business thinking they are sexual toys, object for a Natural Dominant. No, ur cock is dismissed str-8 off the bat.

No, u serve, I'm Pimp Daddy get it. Nothing about u will do "it" for Me. No, honestly I laugh at cocksuckers, think ur sexy with a cock in ur mouth? I guess it's different when a male Dom calls u faggot is acceptable. I'm a FemDomme I find act deplorable, and will see “it” meaning u as a shit stain. a Prostitute willing to do anything for money. I'm not going to say, “How Sexy with shit all over ur mouth piss, cum, shit, ass, the mouth is truly despicable place. Fuckin faggot!

nasty watching cocksuckers in action sloppy. Like looking at loose warped pussy around dick. Homo's say, “They do it better?” If there was a competition of blowjobs men vs women. Women win cuz no one wants to watch guy on guy action except guys. why boyclubs exist to open homo activities.

homosexuality isn't mainstream yet. women blow one another without a second thought. Why glory holes exist for cummy dirty sexual gratification anonymously among males. Fuck women make blow jobs sexier.

08/20/2019 17:01 · alisssandra

The game is afoot

Newlyweds married a week g boy now has ew right in his clutches. Fighting ensues, emi claims, “I ruined emi's life?” That's rich… Didn't u have wedding, vows, and gifts at reception? The wedding looks cheap, hope cake was better, went cheap on photos. Let a child loose with a camera ur gunna regret decision. Photographer captures Miss Piggie in ya, kind of frightening.

Meanwhile we are displaced, how can I ruin ur life when I'm outside? Ladies wanna take in a displaced married man and support him through divorce?

g-boy married emi, now accept slutty wife, comes home to u and plans vacations with lovers. Eventually emi will make u feel out of place, alil uncomfortable, places u once enjoyed suddenly food goes shitty, but polite to say anything. right boy that eat shit.

emi pretended to love wart, and wart believed her. He left military, left IT position, and landed @ company. Thanx to help from emi's daddie used name to help advance wart. wart left position at company, but wart refused to divorce.

wart's baby momma had hardee 6 yrs ago, and has 12 yrs of child support to pay. Yeah, I supported my husband so he could fund lovers. I will not support his ass through lovers and a child. That nigga must be insane.

wart fears divorce, how much debt are we totally in? What has he ventured into that will follow Me throughout life? As My mother told Me growing up, “It's not about you it's about how you make me look. Test me, I won't hesitate to whip your ass in public.”

emi says, “I want my life fuck husband”, and watch her spend ur money, and down low take another man's money. emi loves Poppin pussy, girl's a sexaholic doped up on meth fucks for hours.

Marriage is detrimental to my mental health. I didn't learn shit about commitment, love, trust, patience, or joy. Like wart says, “Nobody married wants to be happy.”

Oh? Well, no sex, no sex, and no sex. I am a chastity device for My pussy. If around anyone I find unappealing My pussy goes on automatic lock. Don't ask Me if I want a drink. Nope, brought my weed to calm my cptsd, anxiety, and ocd.

I'm not here to impress upon, I'm here to give an honest response. Bi gay boys are a turn off, how fucking, sick, gross, and disgusting!

If that's the case u have soiled lips for women on planet Earth no woman want a kiss from a man whose eatin ass or suck men's cocks gay ass fag pretending to be bi. The only time u want a woman is when she's pegging ass from behind pretending ur str-8.

emi's pansexual, bisexual, orgy, gang related, she doesn't give a shit about cock size as long as Mr. Daddie frontin bill. Expect funds to be separated.

08/18/2019 21:59 · alisssandra

Happy birthday

42yrs survived, and I haven't done much living, I have a life time experience of domestic abuse from parents and husband. wart sexually abused by family mother, uncle, and brothers.

wart's sexual abuse began by brothers and uncle when wart was a toddler. Later sexual abuse picked up with Mommy and mommy treated like a romantic fling. Jon is dead, she's ready for baby to come home and take care of her.

Fun fact Men or Women who were sexually abused by people who are in military or retirees. victims can press charges no matter how long circumstance happened. No child wants to be fucked that mentality comes from a very sick mind who was sexually abused.

How dare any impure, dirty, and any nasty perverted adult believes children want to be touched inappropriately? Why does dirty adult want to harm innocence?

Oh, u want to be the first to put ur disease in children, need a child for ur immature dick? How about mothers who sexually assault their own children and call behaviour normal.

Men and Women are equally abused, yet women are the norm of concentration, but aren't recognized as abusers? men won't come out and say they were sexually abused due to fear, intimidation, and lack of understanding. How we begin to disconnect from ourselves and disconnect with others due to lack of communication and empathy from lack of nurture.

I pressed charges what happened? after 2 years of investigation there was no substantial proof, but what this does for person I accused puts a black Mar on reputation. If another victim steps forward his case takes precedence effectively.

My case workers asked me, “What would I like to see for a final outcome?” My response, “I want to remind him my eyes are on him and never left. I want him to know how it feels to walk around with a cast of suspicion, lack of trust, abandonment by peers.”

I had 32 yrs of thought, my initial thought was to kill him at age 10 with huge mustang statue purchased in italy. This statue set on waterbed display shelf. Statue weight maybe 20 lbs, and my uncle slept under mustang nightly. Now 42, I'm settling with I'll stain his career.

I always wondered why mother in law stated to inlaw sis, “That when Jon went to swing shift, she felt like a single mother raising 3 boys on my own it felt as if Job excused himself from parenting.” Not once did she say to Jon.

Why would she? Two boys gone, husband worked all the time left a lot of time for Mommy to play house with youngest son. Monarch Family, sex with children is permissable.

The clincher on my theory when Jon passed, mommy did not want youngest son to say goodbye to father, said “Nothing u can do he's dead.” What mother says, “Do not pay last respect or wishes?” That's tiffed me off to nature of level of sexual abuse.

We'd visit his family gawd only knows how my husband took care of mommie in mother in law suite. I guess she's tired of paying her son for sex she isn't receiving.

Like many people in my life who are incomplete mother, father, husband, in-laws, and many others abused sexually, physically, and emotionally damaged.

Have programmable monarchs of devil's union. Monarchs are taught tactics of manipulation, lies, have no real personality how they reflect your ideas and views. Parrot things back to you without realizing unfortunately trapped under charm with no real warmth.

My family is a monarch family, and generational mental, physical, and sexual abuse occurred. The benefits which come with government training drugs, money for small drug run business such as construction, plumbing, or pipelining.

08/14/2019 15:36 · alisssandra

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