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Written to protect the guilty.

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Article Writer Mistress Alisssandra, A Living Descendent of Chief Joseph Sr and Jr. Narrative parables stitch and etch experience. Facts are stranger than Fiction. Visit NYC's Original DomPimp Real-Time Goddess Dorothy :).

judge (pix begin here)

Scam artist

Mercedes recently turned 24, involved herself with a married man who is 50, broke, and wife still lives with parents. What I know about the fucked up situation.

1st lie, Mom I'm thinking of not having a phone. When has Mer ever been without a phone? I can't ever recall denying my daughter a phone.

2. No, contact with me before birthday.

3. Going to a more expensive cellphone plan.

4. Withdrawing 120.00 in cash.

My daughter doesn't walk around with large sums of money.

5. Debit use points Portland now with Anthony's Wife?

If u raped then snuffed My Daughter!!! If u believe for a second I would forget My Own Blood. I am coming for u in darkest of night and hour.

05/18/2019 19:00 · alisssandra


Snitches get lynched. David carradine, Kate Spade, and many notable celebrities, A NY Madam, Sad cuz 3 come to mind.

Question Celebrity Autopsy: Why night before a celebrity dies. The person continued to ingest more drugs due to tolerance levels. Why is the question never posed. Could person suffer a equal yet opposite reaction if given drugs to counteract? Most celebs have doctors on board. A Dr., Nurse, associate, could have intentionally killed person. A high level of something else could have killed person. Autopsies report person's favorite cocktail, but autopsies where doctored. Truth will never open for public, and set for a time period that none will care.

05/17/2019 16:43 · alisssandra

Anthony Justice Espinoza of spanaway

I swear to gawd as My Fucking Witness. If u dare hurt, harm, Mame, or kill My child. I will hunt u down. My Daughter's name Means Mercy. My gifts given to Mercedes Mercy, Heart, and Soul. Mercedes is so damn forgiving because u honed in on level of guilt. Manipulating mutha fucka, oh diana/true will be joining husband. I don't give a fuck how mentally disabled!!! cunt I promise u, I hold zero Mercy. I will put asses in proximity to bruce baby face jo. The death of My Only Child brings my y- Chromo down. Won't that make for Righteous Headlines. GrandDaughter's Death brings down Grandfather. Give Me Everything I want to bring u down daddie. Take out My Daughter, and be own undoing mutha fucka back to jail u go, but prison is a roach motel, once u enter there is zero exit except death. Reopening of Kelly's case, Money laundering,forced solicitation, murder, and conspiracy no longer a theory, but fact. I will have sorry asses fucking hauled in muthafucka. think, ur fucking dangerous? Talk to a half cocked parent who has lost a child. Better hope asses are behind bars it'll be the only thing that protects u from Me. Sounds like daddie's calling in a favor. Guess what anthony, when u finish Mercedes, bruce finishes u and true, leave zero witnesses bruce's motto. Don't let the con, con u ;) words of wisdom. Is this u? if not let Me apologize in advance. 8/6/10 ESPINOZA - SENTENCED TO 7+ YEARS IN PRISON FOR COCAINE DISTRIBUTION CONSPIRACY Defendant Owned SUV with Hidden Compartment Stuffed with More Than $238,000 in Cash

05/14/2019 22:25 · alisssandra

Effectively kick to curb

If partners can not handle my honesty. Fuck kick ass to curb effectively, and continue my quest for Knowledge, Fulfillment, sustainability, and peace of mind. I didn't live to My Standard, didn't take my own advice!! I am Rodney Dangerfield, “I get no fucking respect.” The most valued quality about Me is scathing honesty. Don't ask a question if ur not prepared for anwser.

05/13/2019 17:05 · alisssandra

R. Kelly's dream gurlie

r. Kelly really wants to piss on her. Damn, str-8 to the head. Chapelle thank you!!

05/12/2019 07:35 · alisssandra

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