What do 3's signify in My Name? Scandalous Short Story. Welcome to dark realism an investigative mind is a terrible thing to waste. Fuck My Thoughts experiments in intuitive predictive programming verses classless cliched modernity

A Cautionary Narrative written to protect the guilty. theory ebbed with conspiratorial characters, shady deals, and death lurks. Havoc wreaks chill down spine, unnerved adrelaline to sheer Oblivion without notice. What happens when obsession turns fatal?

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cautionary Tale Enter @ your own risk. Welcome to My Socio Experiment. Please type pics and see what u find.

fuckmythoughts twists, turns, scandal reign supreme. Str-8 talk for twisted subjects. A Natural Dominant, dominance isn't sex, libido cockblocked. My Audio Narrative.

Inquisitive Mistress Alisssandra on Niteflirt, an Intuitive Findomme Sexual Denialist with Artistic Edge. Articles commentating relationships, love, commitment, sex, and aftermath. Paints tales of contradicted marital bliss gone awry.

follow my twittered brick road, courage cowardly

Spectrum of topics vanity, delusional fantasies, and exposes dark ethics in Negative Dominance, financial ruination. Call for advice @ Niteflirt 1-800-863-5478 Press 3 enter ext: 0189705

expose on my husband's alleged lover e. wallgren with photos alleged content characters: vegasbaby, innocentdelight, cutekinkycourtney, and roxief., Possibly wart's profile on xtube. he's infected with herpes type1.

Photos of Alleged Child and Parents

Blackmailed niteflirt pics

Let Me find out this My husbands account right along with several others..

Had underage sex to blackmail him?

5yr 5month spread between 2 of u. 60 months and under legal in this state. Mark Gifford made the mistake in fucking around with underage sex. My husband has told Many lies about Me, and Mutha fuckas calling out My Character?

Allow Me to call ur characters out allegedly.

12/01/2019 18:57 · alisssandra

I feel Raped Enough

My husband, family, so called friends? Honestly, wanted Me to fail? Well, My Business is on going ;), I haven't stopped, and no dick will stand in My Way.

dicks are ¢.(1)0 a dozen (12), what does that say about e. wallgen dime a dozen born on a slutty ass day. Meaning gurls are dime a dozen for My husband.

Jealous? Over Who I am? No, Idiots No one is willing to PAY MY Price, I Promise I'm Expensive. I can't imagine selling Myself for trinkets how boring, Money? Shit haven't got enough of that to grant access to a promised Land.

A locked and loaded advanced Military Op. Thanx, training obviously back fired. My energy to use at My Whim.

What was anyone hoping to accomplish? That I'd hit Delta mode? Well, mommie what did u let them do to ur so called demon?

I bet mommie felt they were justified in action. Well, I don't know what the means to an end where. What u think is comfy will become unsettled.

Now That I am AWARE of who I am and what I am truly capable, people tread lightly.

I am awakened and activated better watch that ass, cuz I'll remotely Snipe u :) My bumbling band of idio-tronic, fucked up foot clan

11/27/2019 22:30 · alisssandra

niteflirt arkalen, slaveb tiny sissy, bigtuna2000, and miamisissy countless others pics

Slaveb, devotion31 thanx for betrayal. Same pic, shares same story: My gf lisa with any Professional Niteflirt Speaker he comes in contact with. slaveb loves exposure, vanity, and helpless feeling derived from thoughts of being caught.

slaveb, big gossip on Yahoo.

I don't give a shit about BLACKMAIL, Exposure is where it's at. I'm not here to keep secrets u've shared.

How long have u known My husband, Mr. Herpes simplex 2006 brian abell..u gave confession…Given to u by a girl named chloe.

Same Year he told Me, he never wanted to eat my filthy pussy again.

I find out years later My husband has that…herpes simplex type 1.

Mr. maryland brian abell, u know how info travels considering ur job..as I told My daddie, I'll let search engines do My Bloody Work.

More plants? Damn, I'm surrounded, how long have all of u tried to have Me busted out on Niteflirt Terms Of Service? How long have u been waiting to report Me? :) Guess Wut, sluts ur My Trophies Now.

If I am uncomfortable with content or text of Call I disconnect call, and block. No, explanation required. I Terminate Calls and clients.

Feels like a total set up. Mutha fuckas must think I'm Dumb..

My husband misses how e. wallgren treats him. I want to see how things go when he's cash poor.

11/27/2019 21:29 · alisssandra

niteflirt tiny sissy!!

Checking in on My bitch?? Oh, that voice.

Don't ever tell Me, u were loyal, punk mutha fucka continue to harass Me =} I'll expose u.

I don't like harassment, and like a true chattykathy. I'll put ur reputation out for people to JUDGE. Better think about ur actions, silly Catholic school gurl. Beat off to that!

I don't want u calling Me, I'm done, walk away with tail in-between legs. I Won't Accept ur Abuse Anymore.“ Are u Clear?, Or I beat ever living shit out of u here. I own u, shut the fuck up, and disappear.

I guess My lil bitch wants to feel assaulted in crossfire. u've always wanted to be kurupted!! Again choices are choice In Life. Why r u willing to pull trigger? Hm?

Is ur life that dull?

Fuck, thinking about years u didn't pay….offers open season for casual conversation. Gave information willingly and freely. Wanted to take advantage of My Kindness, allow Me to Repay u.

Thank u for telling Me, My pussy paid for everything…Meaning I paid for her things With My Earned Income.

Thank u for letting Me Know, I'm the JOKE. jeff owen…I will Never be into age play. Since we're friends, I need to talk other people about ur life.

Let Me discuss ur's in open Transparency. Hmm..thinking confidentiality isn't important, think Again. I have been nothing but confidential with ur secrets. Betrayed Me from The Start MuthaFucka. Tell Me A Joke…ahh..Missed it from beginning.

I never in fantasy gave u room for u to ever Treat Me like a slut, whore, or prostitute. The way u expected laura to work for it. The way My current husband expected Me to work for it Eat a dick.

I hate people who pretend to be My friend, see how it fucks ur asshole. Truthfully info has More Value than $$$$. Want Me to name ur family?

Talk about ur fantasies that u share with Me with loved ones? Inner most personal thoughts? Hmmm? Tell Me that's Not Important.

I have am Real, have been for long Time….Time to unmask ur character..mind controlled test tube baby. Twitter feels like a good place to start.

11/26/2019 15:55 · alisssandra

More slxxx sex profiles, porn vegasbaby, roxief, innocentdelight aka e wallgren and slxxx shared together pics

Let Me tell u what u don't know.

34 my ass, randall lies about his age. I married a complete catfish, and so did u g-boi. Longer than 15 years with My asshole. Leave while your still breathing. I feel e. wallgren and randall co conspired to kill Me right along with posse.

When followed on road, see cars parked in strange spots, she's watching u. When u feel uncomfortable in ur own home that's abuse. Unfortunately took Me years to realize what happened in Mine.

My husband allowed this whore to surveil Me, Call Me on Niteflirt, then have pierrejoc contact Me? Good they where Niteflirting then :) love beaten off over phone pierrejoc.

I am sure Randall took an hour to suck ur dick calming u down. ur the straw that broke My Back pierrejaque. Final insult..

I understand why My Daughter went off that day. Smoking spice around children? Hmm.

11/26/2019 17:49 · alisssandra

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