an investigative mind is a terrible thing to waste. Fuck My Thoughts experiments in intuitive predictive programming verses classless cliched modernity

A Cautionary Narrative written to protect the guilty. theory ebbed with conspiratorial characters, shady deals, and death lurks. Havoc wreaks chill down spine, unnerved adrelaline to sheer Oblivion without notice. What happens when obsession turns fatal?

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cautionary Tale Enter @ your own risk. Welcome to My Socio Experiment.

fuckmythoughts twists, turns, scandal reign supreme. Str-8 talk for twisted subjects. A Natural Dominant, sex isn't dominance, libido cockblocked. My Audio Narrative.

Inquisitive Mistress Alisssandra on Niteflirt, an Intuitive Findomme Sexual Denialist with Artistic Edge. Articles commentating relationships, love, commitment, sex, and aftermath. Paints tales of contradicted marital bliss gone awry.

How self denial leads into horrific domestic violence. Sparks deep seeded issues of neglect, abuse, through lack of connection, communication leads to conspiracy, death, and accidental suicides. Morbidity, all to familiar. follow my twittered brick road, courage cowardly

Spectrum of topics vanity, delusional fantasies, and exposes dark ethics in Negative Dominance, financial ruination. Call for advice @ Niteflirt 1-800-863-5478 Press 3 enter ext: 0189705

wart's hooker, Possibly wart's profile on xtube. he's infected with herpes type1. Pics includes

Baby Photos of Alleged Child


he wants Me to suck his cock after shoved dick in ass or pussy explains stray pubes. What a better way to pass an STI or ebola.

I am never kissing, giving oral ever again. No one will ever go down on Me, fuckers are Nasty.

My father at a young age Molested Me, and I have not forgotten! I want revenge. I hate men just as much as I hate women.

Zero discrimination, Thanks in Real life here to rip u from so called loved ones! Murder isn't necessary separation is death.

Bitching about Women u hate!!! Children, life, work, why did the fuck did u marry if u can't hang?

Bitch running around with ur dogs laying with any bitch, bringing home their fleas.

11/20/2019 18:04 · alisssandra

In laws

My husband spreading rumors about Me harming children? Fuck I have never laid a harmful hand on My Daughter. I can't imagine hurting someone 10* smaller than Me. I don't stand for abuse.

My husband accusing Me of Molestation. Oh Mutherfucker!!!! Want baby, daddie?? Oh, want baby to play? Oh, do what makes u feel good sounds like perp talk to Me, but this defines my husband's pillow talk. Sounds rifed with molestation.

Decided against hpv shot for daughter, My husband told them I am infected with Herpes which effected their decision for shot, because they felt I would sexually assualt their daughter. Shame on u fuckers. No sympathy here u pegged wrong partner.

11/20/2019 18:59 · alisssandra

Google black out

Thanx to donald keith wheeler 4 out of 7 blogs I posted on blackout by Google. By Google blacking out 4 illegal posts because info proved true.

I thanked Google for letting Me keep 3 posts with all of his info posted legally with nudy photo included. Thanx to 2257 I can't do shit like that anymore.

donald wanted blogs down, shit he couldn't pay Me to bring them down :) until My husband brought My site down worried that CID was spying on us.

Good to see randall threw donald keith wheeler a bone.

11/20/2019 20:01 · alisssandra

emi wallgren 5 pics

Denotes husband's date of birth g-boi. :) Bit of a heads up any luck finding bwm license plate Atm1044 or Orioles signed baseball.

a gift from randall's father. Tiffany necklace a gift from my husband, bc she promised to be his. Does she want u to fuck her randy??? I bet it gets her coochie all moist thinking bout his uncut daddie dick.

she's got to keep u on drugs, look she eating youth already gunna be fat, stupid, and broke in under a year.

emi wants to spend ur money, after she done, she's gone. Fuck getting a house together, cuz she doesn't want u having access to her money.

My husband and emi are scamming u, how they scammed Me, and I am telling u. When I decide to leave My husband, he'll be emi's backdoor man bc he promised to be emi's.

Why do u think emi left pennis? So he'd have a reason to come home. I'm willing to bet position is open. emi wants midnight cowboy back, and will do anything to get him. emi doesn't care that he's diseased, u don't eat her pussy, the way he did. wart took years mastering art of her pussy.

Expect him driving by ur place from hours of 9 pm till 4 am. emi has u under surveillance, lap, cell, comp, and gps tracked. Don't believe Me search everything.

She doesn't trust u not with the darkest parts of her. Have body scan looking for unique foreign objects in body.

I had a piece of film behind my upper arm. by dislodging took 3 months to surface.

Upon surfacing I thought it was a splinter, but a rectangular shape emerged white on one side, negative film on other, with redline at top. A metal detector would not screen, need a scan.

randall freaks out by losing keys as we purchased petrol. Keys missing 2 weeks, I accused Randall of having a 3rd set of keys made for vehicle.

They are a sick fucking joke, and my friend tangled in their weave. They truly live in a world all their own.

Expect sleeping drugs, so when feeling tired unexpectedly, she's dosed u. It's what My husband did to Me allegedly no definitive proof. Until I am Dead then My body becomes a body of evidence.

As randall said, “The coroner has final say on cause of death.”

Drugs randall pumped me on: Meth, I used to do a nasal salt rinse, all randall needed to do was drop meth in My salt.

randall worked with caustic material, and feed that to Me. Got Me good made a juice drink for Me left Me sick.

I couldn't move nerves on fire, nauseated, couldn't eat, throat enflamed.

Drugs he slipped in My mountain dew left me bitchy, angry, bloated, constipated, and broken out. Caused Me to get off birth control.

My face looked Like meth face!! Thanks to him. I have a 2% heart murmur, a failed central nervous system and severely anemic. Thanx to safety hazard I live with.

While his lil shit had insurance for dental prosthetics. My heart hasn't seen a ekg since diagnosis in 2013.

I'm happy to know emi misses My husband dearly, she's grief strickin missing lil toy she played with, thanx to him ur My playthings to abuse, beat, and hate on.

she's sexually perverted, enjoy mommie and daddie sex, and whomever else she wants to invite into her caverness hole.

Nope, ur marriage is over, and g-boi such a whipped ass pussy over a bitch with money. aw, schucks what a pretty ass bitch.

Make emi put on that strap on, and make her fuck u like a good girl. Oh, ur masculinity isn't threatened in bedroom, so give her what she wants.

When emi's father died My husband was on shift to help cope with such a loss!! Since they both lost someone they care about deeply. vegasbaby lived less than 10 minutes from Me. Does she look familiar?

Called Me on Roxief, I reduced My rate for u?

Yeah, cutenkinkycourtney, innocent delight, and roxief. Aneogram re spond, er emergency Of course u'd chose asian character, thanx to asian adopted brother. Haha

Excellent content characters from Asian to white. :))

At least My husband created shit for u to be successful, and called u ranreddrum..that's randall…

date of sign up, date of call. I can't prove purely speculation.

11/20/2019 00:24 · alisssandra


I don't stand for abuse. Honestly, If I had Real Time Clients, I wouldn't hit a client in session period goes against My nature.

The danger ensued with Me is fun tickle torture, A variety of nerve tingling delights, light wrestling, and laser tag. Cute, fun, and adorable. humorous with a hint of sting.

Cute flirtatious moments, I am Naturally Dominant, Life taught Me Dominance to withstand bariatric pressure of life.

Ethics, Morals, Codes of Conduct are strictly followed with Me.

I don't want abuse anyone, my current clients will attest. We understand playtime is play, when play is over until next time George. we are not friends, but business acquaintances.

Never blur line in business, means sub has upper hand on u. Be needy, clingy, whiny, send tributes. Therapy can be expensive.

I don't have a team, and I wouldn't trust u alone with Me. My safety is paramount, and u can not put a pricetag on My Safety. Phone provides a safe venue for Me. I can live Lifestyle in My Comfort.

11/20/2019 19:46 · alisssandra

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