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judge (pix begin here)

Intuitive Musings of a Sexual Denialist

Bio - What is fuck my thoughts? Compilations of memory interlaced with imagination. Title does not depict material. What is a Sexual Denialist? I ignore wants, needs, and desires. Want to discuss cheating on Wife? I want to tell u how many men she's fucked in ur bed. Want tell me ur a cuck, no a bottom bitch boi. Want to get cocky? Heh, expect Me to challenge what u say. I'm cute, bubbly, and sarcastic. I hate how bois talk about wallet. bois who talk that shit ain't got shit to give. I suffer chronic masturbator disease. I hate bad sex, and 90% of men think they can fuck, and think they can phonesex. I hate bad phonesex. I'm a different type of Humilatrix, I will hunt, seek, and exploit masculinity.

03/21/2019 18:16 · alisssandra

10 days away

Jokes on u.

03/21/2019 18:32 · alisssandra

Vegas baby 2

Intro: "vegasbaby, and very girlie!“

03/20/2019 21:01 · alisssandra

Niteflirt fiasco

2010 Niteflirt down. completely bonkers, but I feel my husband detected weakness in systems. he exploited NF's weakness, hell anyone could have. he needed to scrub vegasbaby, his record, and others who might have used nf services. I cannot prove what I am saying makes a fun theory.

03/20/2019 21:16 · alisssandra

Child support

luretta lynne tusker better think twice before going before judge and demanding child support. wart used fake alias, and aware of fact. No, one likes a snitch and no, one wants truth puts u and spawn in precarious position. Do u have means to walk down a dark alley with child and never return? Give false information to court makes u a liar, do u want to expose urself as a fraud? ur name under serious scrutiny and scandal. Different state lines, and by going after wart opens new can of worms. Live with ur walk of shame headlee. See where christianity took u, and how greed sunk sorry battleship. Personally I want headlee's head on silver platter to stop payout in totality

03/20/2019 17:15 · alisssandra

Not about

its about the one we saved, not about millions killed.

03/19/2019 02:15 · alisssandra

I don't

I don't want to be above the law, I want to be well within law. Haha

03/19/2019 20:05 · alisssandra

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