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Written to protect the guilty. Conspiracy interlacing Theory

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Article Writer Mistress Alisssandra, Questioning relationships, love, commitment, sex, and aftermath. Horrific tales about how abuse effect households, and how family is left with affliction. Spectrum of topics vanity, delusional fantasies, and exposes dark ethics in Negative Dominance. Visit NYC's Original DomPimp Goddess Dorothy.

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I'm not ur Girlfriend

I'm not ur girlfriend, I'm not here to be a jealous bitch, I don't give 2 shits who u fuck. We will never fuck, a girlfriend will give benefit of pussy, possibly cooked meals. I'm not Domesticated, I'm not here to call u 30* out of ur day. Sounds like sub wants to be daddy, where he controls portions of My Life? Believe ur that important? I don't give into levels of insanity of a relationship. Those ideas intrude My morals and ethics. I am happy to give a scene where I pretend to be ur wife, and give u every selfish scenario that goes wrong. I don't allow levels of such delusion. I am tired of hearing the same bullshit. “She's not into my sexual needs, wants, or desires.” Bullshit punk mutha fucka u don't want sexual satisfaction from ur partner. u want to fuck everything, wife and kids are to pedestrian suddenly ur bored. Married cuz u were young, dumb, and pregnant, realize life isn't way u hope. Fuck u, life isn't what she wanted either. Taking his abuse, I don't want children, house, wife, responsibility of children, but can't afford to leave life ur trapped in. Sounds like a global problem. Like u r the only one going through ringer take a look at ur partner. Selfish bastards need a Reality Check!

06/15/2019 15:17 · alisssandra

I'm not a Sexual Dominant

I'm Dominant means u chase, I tease, and ultimately deny u. How delicious u standing with blue balls. I'm not here to give u relief, relieve urself after call. I don't wiggle bits around for ur attention, subs attend, and trained for obedience. u open doors, light cigarettes if necessary, but u My dear are a faithful lil pet in My ward. If I want u as Oriental furniture that's who u are for the day. Sexual Dominants want sexual control, and sub screams for mercy. Sexual Dominants are not having orgasm. Why? Sexual Dominants keep “control” over orgasm and sub. Sexual Tops leave sub denied. Why ur are subpar not worth spit. Bottoms looking for a nut. I'm here for My game, u worship, and like God hang on My every word. Subservience is key with Me, I should not have to ask for anything. Like a Mob King Pen have My Donation prepared before session, and prepared after. That's a good boy.

06/13/2019 01:34 · alisssandra

joel and emi wallgrin

What a sadomasochistic pairing Joey helped sister with illicit affair. Thats right adopted gookboy I am coming after anyone who wants Me Dead. U can have wart back after divorce. wart misses familyfucking, and he'll need ur money to support him, cuz he'll be cash poor, and on ur irresponsible doorstep. prediction g kills emi in a jealous rage, guts ripped from belly, entrails wrapped around face open intestines allowing shit to pour down face, instruments of destruction used for ur vag. Sawed bones, slut etched in face. I see g smacking ur bloated, red, and damaged face. I picture gabe torturing, punishing, and ultimately kill her. For humiliation g suffered at hand of emi and the poor joke she still wants to fuck. g boy, gurlie girl dissed u. She ain't in love, she will drain u dry, and when money is gone she will be gone. Haha All joking aside. sadistic people, and wart a mere whipping boy. wart never left position of fluffer nutter. he loves eating cum out of a puss filled sac.

06/12/2019 14:45 · alisssandra

Information I have

If I don't have My Divorce Come May 20, 2020. Understand life as u know it will change. August 17, 2017 a thursday emi can afford to take days off. hubby should have been at work. I can't wait to comb through records. emi wallgrin, joel wallgrin, dave fergusin, bruce jo, sandra looney, Elyse Fowler, jon Perry. I don't know if info I have is true or false but it'll be quite a discovery! allegations then charges will come down for muling drugs in work place, emi and wart will face charges: muling drugs, bigotry, identity theft, credit card fraud. Anything happens to me, if I have any hair out of place, if I wind up dead, beaten, bruised, battered, bludgeoned. I swear suspects are named. If I wake in pool of blood that's not mine, and my scaley wart wants to make a break. Understand what is written, and I am indexing My shit. Ur names are written on the wall fuckers.

06/12/2019 16:47 · alisssandra

Auntie Carol

Love this Christian bitch from hell. She pretends to be responsible, her house is pure filth, shit still shoved in boxes cuz can't decide when she's leaving for Ohio. Carol's son stems from an affair with a married man. Carol accused me of fucking her son. What a disgraceful bitch I have not touched ur son My cousin. If u wanted to confront Me what stopped u? From looking like a jealous girlfriend? U must have been fucking ur own son to have that level of jealousy. Mommy a pedo!! Just like her Mother.

06/12/2019 19:24 · alisssandra

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