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judge (pix begin here)


wart's love of obsessed stalkers will be what kills him.

02/18/2019 04:52 · alisssandra


wart is ugly, and I am tired of wart making me look the way he feels. I am sick of being poisoned and abused. he works through channels of conquer and divide.

02/18/2019 20:47 · alisssandra

That's why

u ask me what I want, I want u to find new job. As long lead cock rules hens all is good in world.

02/18/2019 20:04 · alisssandra


wart has support from other side he should take comfort, and can leave without guilt.

02/18/2019 20:39 · alisssandra

Niteflirt text.

client: i want be humiliated for my small cock…to suck his superior cock for my mistress…to kiss her feet while she cums all over his big dick.

Riddle Me this, why do people want prostitutes for partners? What u described straight voyeurism. Why is voyeurism and cuckolding confused? if a man or woman isn't raising some one else's baby ur not a cuck, ur a fucktoy.

02/18/2019 04:13 · alisssandra

I realize

If I stay, u will never grow.

02/18/2019 19:51 · alisssandra

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