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Mistress Alisssandra, Composes articles questioning relationships, love, commitment, sex, and aftermath. Horrific tales of domestic violence all to common. Spectrum of topics vanity, delusional fantasies, and exposes dark ethics in Negative Dominance.

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My inner child is hurt, I didn't take time to nurture, tend, or acknowledge. I was taught to ignore myself cuz others are important? What I have a man who married for money, tried to kill me with several accomplices. I'm with someone who treats me like a stranger daily. wart's told me on several how much he doesn't love me. If wart doesn't love me why is he here? Does he need protection? wart truly wants to duck out after bruce is safely resting in ground. wart waited a year after emi's father died. Patterns..

wart enjoys the online fantasy, loves dating hookup sites: megafuckbook, rest stop quickies, and sluts galore. Shit like this spammed in email. he has porn, sex, drug, and lives like he's big pimp. I wonder how much debt we truly are in. I'll text numbers now, and let's bitches know he's unclean. I don't need lawsuits coming our way because he's a public health risk. Would that be enough to change minds? People readily fuck without a health certificate. I hate act of kissing because I don't know where another person's mouth has been to fucking risky! I have healthy issues, last time I kissed husband day we married it was a cute peck. My husband's complaints: My pussy is hairy (I keep a respectable trim), he never wanted to eat my pussy, My pussy damaged his cock on several occasions. I'm sorry wart has a fragile dick. If that fragile wart doesn't need to fuck. Laziest fuck I encountered, his job orgasm and roll over. wart has enough cock fluid for 2 people. he gets sloppy wet, wart thinks I'm sopping wet nope, and leaves a huge cummy mess! God, it's fucking nasty. I the hate sexual abuse of it all. he's uninspired in bed, does best when he plays dead. I've married an over privileged white pampered baby. Who wants me to please his eager nigga needs? Fuck he doesn't live up to my standard of a man. I look at courage cowardly daily, allows others to make bad decisions, so he can blame u. I live this shit daily after 14 yrs of unwedded bliss I am ready to leave this hell hole :)) Marriage taught me much about myself, and plenty to discover. A kindred soul and life is an education. I am ready to create My dungeon! I want a room filled with nerf toys and laser tag!! I would love bdsm that can help pull the child in people in creating healthy outlets. For expressing stress, frustration, and anger. ;)

07/18/2019 19:10 · alisssandra


mommie and daddie are dead to Me, expected health to decline. Mommie and Elyse so incestuous relationship happened when both began smoking meth, I guessing a bonding experience? Explains complicated relationship between mother and daughter. My mother believes I fucked My father, step father, and her several boyfriends. Logic makes sense, since incestuous relationship happened between father and daughter. What this has done for My mommie. She has to fuck My sloppy seconds :). Why are they sloppy I had'em first, and ain't goin back. My mom will whore pussy around to get what she wants, and calls herself a dominant. “I rule'em with my pussy” mommie exclaims, but what mommy doesn't realize are the boys are snickering behind her back she's so easy!! I took her to paradise, and we fucked in her caddy, she needed more space, and pleasure of cleaning her vehicle. I think all of that is slutty, nasty, and people around me gave me a negative view of sex. Dominants never give pussy, it's what slaves fantasize. Sexual/sensual/stroke manipulation gives slave what he wants? If ur giving slave what he wants what are u getting in return? A trick for the trade? Argument.. he's paying u, so therefore he gets a paid orgasm? that's baby giving daddie what he wants, gave daddy control how girls fuck up. I called Myself A Sensual Domme years ago and hated contradiction. Fuck being a sensual domme made me unhappy. I want to get back to happy. I'm ok with fantasies, I am directing a scene with u and whomever. I'm not ok placing Myself in fantasy with u. If I did BDSM I'd live in a hazmat suit I'm a germaphobe. ur paying Me to advise for Expertise in Field. I don't care that u stroke, but stay present for Conversation. I, ignore hard on in pants, I'm not telling u how to manipulate ur measly cock yuck. True subs understand orgasm, erection, or have expectation of sex is disobedience.

07/17/2019 17:18 · alisssandra

How Marriage rolls with a Dominant

I turned on charm and she spread legs. - Creed wart lives. wart lives with a Dominant..wart is taking a hard lesson I don't fuck slaves are useless eunuchs. I'm a non Sexual Dominant, wart believes we are married and he can dump his load in me anytime, nope. I am very happy when he keeps pants on. *Good boi* wart thrives on sick fantasy of marriage, it's better for his orgasm. wart can take unsatisfactory cock to any substandard hole, slave needs amusement. wart blames me for: loss of money, unhappiness, and blames me for his first love leaving him. Story he feeds all girls. I'm suppose to save wart's money, think about his reputation, and be live in house keeper? years we have spent worthless. I paid 1/2 for everything, so I wouldn't bend wart's pocket. Out of 14 yrs of marriage wart's been paying child support for 6 years. wart supports child when he refused to provide for Me or My Daughter. If you left ky and moved to Auburn, nothing like killing 2 birds with one stone. Plenty of enemies watching for u. Why wart can't divorce laura tick, married in Japan 2013, 800 yen (15.00 us to marry in Japan) under false alias. they didn't want a bastard for a child in God's eyes. wart married again this time in San Diego or Las Vegas married under false alias 2-14-15, and divorced emi walls in 4-1-2018. Ur small talk no real substance - Janet Jackson son of a gun. I'm positive I have blueprints for my murder on deck. What'cha gunna do when po-po come for u? Bad Bois..wanna hang My ass?? I'll hang all beside me, I refuse to go alone, and burn all in hell.

07/16/2019 20:08 · alisssandra

Niteflirt Bids

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07/10/2019 19:44 · alisssandra

Happy birthday Brandi LeeAnn looney

this is not a joke, spoof, or parody. A letter to my sister who was given for adoption by choice or if Brandi was taken by state. I hope and pray you never find us. Isn't this how spam normally starts? Our family is an embarrassment, our mother and father drug addicted both sell and mule. Drug of choice meth, speed, and prescriptions parents socio narcissists. If you took a look at x and y chromo. You would know I'm telling truth. Y chromo abusive, pedophile, manipulator, and filthy. Our mother suffers vanity, pedophilia, pathological liar, and sick. They are kurupt, I have a husband who'd welcoming you through fucking and fail to say, “wart has an sti” Yep, asshole I married.. **deep sigh°°

I think kas was pregnant with Brandi in November of 77, gave birth July 10, 1978 @ Tacoma General and placed for adoption of March 79 by society children's home in Tacoma.

Odd fact: Brandi (6) LeeAnn (6) Looney (6). Mom why did u bless child with Satan's number? I guess u decided to give Cain, and pervert Abel? Good to know u gave demon seed away.

kas's story doesn't add up. she claims pregnancy from Nov 78 gave birth July of 79, but here is the kicker kas stated March of 1979 for year of adoption which is not logical.

Brandi, I hope you went to a family who love and care for you deeply and saw to your needs. I hope you went to a huge family who taught love and affection!! :)) Granted with opportunities to never look back and wonder what happened? If you did not receive a life you deserve keep nightmares. If you want to come back and I guarantee, kas and bruce will try to kill you. kas and bruce need our blood, we are quite special thanx to genetics. You are my natural sister, but have several halves. Our roots are part Native American we come from a powerful bloodline through ancestral rites of Chief Joseph Sr and Jr. Our parents need one of us to finish their contract. I'm not here to give Brandi fairy tales, fallacies, or delusion. Reality our family is dangerous. A memory for you..I was 14 months Brandi, your crib bedding was hot air balloons done in white with red piping and little brown teddybears. bruce and kas fought constantly I remember feeling so frightened that if you cried our parents would hurt you the way they hurt me. I would climb on your crib and hold your hand for comfort. It was what I could do to give protection, and say, “shh, it'll be alright.” You are my sister, as a child I did what I could to protect, and as an Adult I would be irresponsible to lie. Understand I love you.

07/10/2019 15:52 · alisssandra

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