What do 3's signify in My Name? Scandalous Short Story. Welcome to dark realism an investigative mind is a terrible thing to waste. Fuck My Thoughts experiments in intuitive predictive programming verses classless cliched modernity

A Cautionary Narrative written to protect the guilty. theory ebbed with conspiratorial characters, shady deals, and death lurks. Havoc wreaks chill down spine, unnerved adrelaline to sheer Oblivion without notice. What happens when obsession turns fatal?

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I asked several women if they fucked wart. 100% answered, “No, how is that possible?” Good answer. :) wart suffers cold sores. Next question are you infected? No. A sigh of relief and say, “I'm not worried.” Good cuz anything pops up. I will testify against u for perjury.

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