What do 3's signify in My Name? Scandalous Short Story. Welcome to dark realism an investigative mind is a terrible thing to waste. Fuck My Thoughts experiments in intuitive predictive programming verses classless cliched modernity

A Cautionary Narrative written to protect the guilty. theory ebbed with conspiratorial characters, shady deals, and death lurks. Havoc wreaks chill down spine, unnerved adrelaline to sheer Oblivion without notice. What happens when obsession turns fatal?

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Court date..bruce and sandy have a set court date together. sandy looked at docket flipped out is that ur daddie's name? she tried to convince thought must be someone else. No, it was bruce, I wanted to beat holy fucking hell out of him. My body temp skyrocketed, sweat, and tears to match. bruce needed a translator, sandy taught bruce English. When court recessed sandy informed prosecutor he speaks English. After break bruce declined translator. Odd catching a parent with pants down.

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