Fuck My Thoughts

Written to protect the guilty. Conspiracy interlacing Theory

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I have control for not killing my spouse. Some disgruntled bitch can do my dirty werk. Why kill'em? When I've barely begun to live, zero point in clipping My wings. No matter what anyone has ever done to take my shine, glow, or bask in My light of Dominance. Jesus and Socrates beaten, battered, and killed for belief. I am not claiming Jesus is real, mythical, or son of man. The narrative goes something like this: Jesus had conviction for beliefs, and put to death because he didn't agree with cult behaviour. Jesus killed by jury of peers. ← democracy @ finest. Church needed Jesus dead due level popularity, and feared loss of followers. Jesus walked without fear of prejudice, bias, and discrimination chose hard path. Jesus truly Dominant in Moral, Character, and Judgement. I don't remember Jesus asking, “Who wants to die for my sin?” Jesus a kindred spirit stood true defined phrases “stay true to thyself” and “Protestant Thinker.” Jesus lived philosophy, and Shakespeare penned quote.

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