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Financial Domination

Financial Domination means u Provide for Me. I shouldn't have to ask for anything money should be in My account. Send money, remember writing love notes to people u admired. Send Money same notion without complication of u. I am not here to argue, manipulate, or lie to have My Way. Energy is not worth My effort. I don't want a pretend relationship in order for u to want to give. give or don't give can't force anyone into giving cuz that's a Crime. I don't want to hassle, berate, or bully anyone for money. Shit arguing over money is futile. “I can't spend my last penny,or I'll be sleeping in cardboard box.” I can't make u give what u don't have. When u call or send tributes that's Financial Domination, Placing My needs above ur own is submission, Associating submission with dick in mind is a boi on hunt for Trix of trade. Not a Dominant Woman who will put u in ur place.

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