What do 3's signify in My Name? Scandalous Short Story. Welcome to dark realism an investigative mind is a terrible thing to waste. Fuck My Thoughts experiments in intuitive predictive programming verses classless cliched modernity

A Cautionary Narrative written to protect the guilty. theory ebbed with conspiratorial characters, shady deals, and death lurks. Havoc wreaks chill down spine, unnerved adrelaline to sheer Oblivion without notice. What happens when obsession turns fatal?

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lucy calling for an afternoon snack?

Looking like a jealous gf already. Ya, cheaters love ride. Honestly how is ur divorce panning out for u?, or still running from issues.

he likes blond busty and drugged. ur drugged he'll take if offered :) free cheap and easy u make life liveable. wart isn't loving faithful or capable of love what happens to children sexually abused. I am not wart's fantasy I am not blond, busty, or drugged. We aren't compatible.

wart's expectation, and he left with hamburger helper. It's gotta suck for u. I won't let him near my pussy. After yrs with him, he failed to deliver an orgasm right along with any boi. The way wart stays hard is through use of stimulants.

After we'd fuck how I felt after? I felt sick, slimy, and gross. I am ready to vomit after sex with him, face breaks out, and food a turn off.

He's willing to endanger My Sexual Health with wart's unsafe sex practice. I'll be damned if I lose My cervix or ovaries. Wart hasn't eatin My pussy or fucked in years, and I'm thankful.

Now that I know his secret bastard wants to bang it out left and right to prove he's no homo.

Herpes simplex viruses – more commonly known as herpes – are categorized into two types: herpes type 1 (HSV-1, or oral herpes). Most commonly, herpes type 1 causes sores around the mouth and lips (sometimes called fever blisters or cold sores). HSV-1 can cause genital herpes, but most cases of genital herpes are caused by herpes type 2.

I enjoy act of fucking, if I don't talk dirty to wart he loses erection quickly, condoms kill erection, and boi squirts to quick problem with most lack stamina and endurance. My husband weak in both areas for as long as I can remember 19 yrs.

I enjoy fucking but I am incapable of orgasm with another human. I lack emotional connection with everyone. I was sexually abused by father through use of drugs could not stop that, later I fought my assailants. No fucking way!! wart has zero concept of reality, and I can't wait to leave.

The fact wart still married, we are displaced, and it's good to know he wants to gift ur precious pussy and say thank u. Give My money to another whore? I want My razor back thief.

First thing he expected me to give was my car.


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