an investigative mind is a terrible thing to waste. Fuck My Thoughts experiments in intuitive predictive programming verses classless cliched modernity

A Cautionary Narrative written to protect the guilty. theory ebbed with conspiratorial characters, shady deals, and death lurks. Havoc wreaks chill down spine, unnerved adrelaline to sheer Oblivion without notice. What happens when obsession turns fatal?

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A cautionary Tale Enter @ your own risk. Welcome to My Socio Experiment.

fuckmythoughts twists, turns, scandal reign supreme. Str-8 talk for twisted subjects. A Natural Dominant, sex isn't dominance, libido cockblocked. My Audio Narrative.

Inquisitive Mistress Alisssandra on Niteflirt, an Intuitive Findomme Sexual Denialist with Artistic Edge. Articles commentating relationships, love, commitment, sex, and aftermath. Paints tales of contradicted marital bliss gone awry.

How self denial leads into horrific domestic violence. Sparks deep seeded issues of neglect, abuse, through lack of connection, communication leads to conspiracy, death, and accidental suicides. Morbidity, all to familiar. follow my twittered brick road, courage cowardly

Spectrum of topics vanity, delusional fantasies, and exposes dark ethics in Negative Dominance, financial ruination. Call for advice @ Niteflirt 1-800-863-5478 Press 3 enter ext: 0189705.

judge (photo of child in question.)

Cloning centers

Cloning exist for divergents meaning unique hybrids. Testing began happening with me at age 3. Lucid sequences, dream repetition, past life dreams implanted into clones body and neurologically reaches host body.

Transference of false memory, past lives, and experience can feel authentic when experiences are not.

At age 3: manufactured past life. Between husband and I a drowning experiment. wart represented as fox. We were tossed over a cliff with crashing waves barreling at bottom.

Fox died on impact, and I woke from consciousness while under water. I swam to rocks, and climbed first level of rocks, my world so cold, grey, wet, and lonely I felt. 3 reoccurring dreams.

Dreams for future dates, coincidence does not exist. Moments planned,

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Photos of Chief Joseph Sr, Jr, and Me

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I've given u all My Money? No, u left spare change

On my daughter's 21st birthday, what a happy day, purchased beautiful cake. My mother made an off colored comment, and he's offended at statement.

He said, “He wasn't taking harassment.” taking his leave. Well, he has zero reason to be offended, he's not fucking her? Why does it matter what sandra (mom) had to say?

Anyways Finale wart threw a cup of change at My Daughter is how My Daughter's birthday ended. I'm glad he did this to My Daughter, God forbid he'd ever do this anyone else.

I'm happy bitches treat him like a disposable dick and ATM has done wonders for our family. wart rawks with cock and wallet. cock makes a man out of him. wart truly stands behind philosophy.

Don't remember birthday wart? I do memories wart has left Me with. My daughter is deaf, dumb, and blind naive to a world who will to harm when back is turned. Possibly dead thanx to her drug use since she was young.

Mer's dependency for substance abuse includes: Spice, Meth, LSD, and bathsalts. I thank sandra, Elyse, Bruce, and Fran for encouraging such illicit substances for My Child.

Look at where illicit drug use taken sorry asses into garbage!

My daughter crippled with education, there was no money to provide tutoring My Daughter needed. Mer has no self esteem because she feels stupid, and uses to forget she's stupid.

She has real mental issues she doesn't want to address, I can't force Mer, but I can disconnect.

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Timestamp, "Fuck it's over"

August 12th, 2019 5:04.

(8+1+2) 11, (8+5) 12, (8+1+2+2) 8+5=13, (1)(4), curiously (12)(15) daddies birthay, (9)(8) fuckfaces birthday…lined'em up how cute

Thank u for inviting us to funeral rather enjoyable. Over in 3 days time?where did love go? Whirlwind romance over so soon?

Is vegasbaby in bed by 9 pm?, or does she scuffle off to computer? Leaving u alone for hours? he slips away more and more. Needing more hours at work esp when he doesn't need money. gurlie boy finds u controlling. An assistant frees time during day for muling activities.

Dulldrums morning coffee taste funny? Do u imagine a million cocks entering her mouth, and privately think, “How many cocks have I sucked?”

Eating her pussy must suck from a drug fueled rage, wart's breath like burned rubber 🐟 with lingering dirty pussy. girlie boy, does vegasbaby's pussy taste funny now?

Do u look at vegasbaby a lil funny? Eyes a bit more squinter

I guess gurlie boy likes dirty panties cleaning cunt after another man leaves creampie for u to clean out, better do what vegasbaby says, or pay consequence!

wart cried when he missed deadlines! Exclaim I ruined his life? We don't have children together, they died before gestation.

I don't remember him being there emotionally, he's devoid of any real emotion, I have to tell him who to be like a robot.

My answer Pay Me, ask me what to order, style hair, dress, advise, plus counsel. Those questions put My Ass on a clock, better have wallet out, and Ready to give.

Not here to donate My Time, true betas understand methods, paying beautiful women who'd never give them time of day. True appreciation for Artistic Worship.

Tell Me big boy? what's ur lil cock gunna do for Me? Give Me an orgasm I've never experienced?

wart never cared to clean up cuz Mistress vegasbaby's sextoy wanted to mark territory.

he never cleaned at all. wart stopped showering came home smelling like death, and wants me to greet him? Fuck u nasty boy.

wart met women at gyms, anywhere on base esp Applebee's, Anthony's Pizza, Loading docks, he is very busy. Had work phone, work began complaining about his personal usage on work phone. wart purchased another phone.

wart keeps several different accounts at work, fake alias, invested in bit coin, thanx to My daddies extra ends.

I'm taking everything, Stiffed on tax returns 2000 yearly, our tax returns realistically speaking should have been 7,000 from years of 2008-2013. He smiled for himself to fund illicit affair with vegasbaby.

He gave so much of himself we are displaced, and blamed Me for his predicament? Get a grip boy.

u wanted to be worthless troll under bridge, here I am with u. Uncomfortable and scared as hell.

Purchased house in KY, OR, and Penn it was land his mother wanted for wart. So he'd have a space. Good to see lil shit is living it up, and happy he's care for Lil shit.

wart shower elsewhere, he keeps 2 addresses on hand at all times. Work addresses, to make shipping easier.

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vegasbaby been fucking wart since she was 16. Met vegasbaby when he was on watch, and gurl refused to leave his side. wart felt like a proud daddy. Day he told me about cute petite blonde giving attention he needed.

2002 Pontiac vegasbaby and wart went to Seattle to purchase vehicle, wart let her drive vehicle off the lot, fucks up grill, and wart never thought to fix damage considering insurance covered, unless vegasbaby was behind wheel.

2004 yr before I moved in wart talked of a 17 yr old blond he met by mistake thinking she was 18. his way of telling me it over? Fuck, I never knew Lolita existed. He described her as drugged out of her mind. Didn't want to know her anymore. I don't know why Pierre jaque, and Andi Benton partied with underage bitches.

wart accompanied Joel and vegasbaby in New York. New York shirt? vegasbaby wanted for souvenir. Road trip to Montana was wart, vegasbaby, and Paul?

Photo taken with father, wart took photos. vegasbaby's never changing show smile, fake.

vegasbaby has known wart for 16 yrs of her life. They keep secret bonded fantasy. Oh, gurlie boy it's whore ya married. Keep meth, ghb, poppers on hand.

Man she claimed u needed to save vegasbaby from My Father. Who vegasbaby's been fucking while wart's away. Yes, myung wants vegasbaby and wart dead for double crossing him. Funny story huh?

They enjoy owl n thistle on St Patrick's day. Does girlie boy celebrate Patty's day?

Gabrielle has no fucking clue, wanted a pretty cowboy? Hehe, Gabrielle takes it up the ass.

I hope Gabrielle cheats, steals, and lies. I hope vegasbaby has u gps'ed, keylogged phone, computer. why she married u, insecurity. No, trust for u, already cheating on sorry ass.

Ask Myrna @ trace tavern daytime waitress, staff at as city, SC barber, talk to k. Huffington, she well acquainted with wart. Watch lies pour in gurlie boy if ya have stomach for gay boy. Wait till ur walls tumble around u. She'll be ready to kill u for her freedom, as My husband tried killing Me.

vegasbaby has zero trust for u, understand what she did with wart. Cut me off from all finances, fuck I didn't have a bed to sleep, bc he told me I don't deserve a bed, I believed him. Like a true financial Domme, they deserve ramen.

2005, he left military without discussing choice with me. wart left cuz he didn't receive promised promotion and left military.

2005 - vegasbaby graduated high school, wart needed to leave military. wart was in OC for 1 yr, vegasbaby joined wart. wart did her homework in high school and college.

Does she take u green tavern, 19th hole, garage, silver city, traceton, lowsbo municipal pool, walk city parks in brem, trails in silver city? Loved Bangor/b places I never had access. It's what lovers used to do. Fuck at pool, school, car, our floor, and flew her overseas on multiple occasions to live fantasy.

Does she fantasize about living in Oregon, fuck she put out for work transfer, so when position opens ya'll can leave. wart and vegasbaby share home in Portland.

Curl up blue sleeping bag together in back bed of twilight truck, did she ever throw rocks at ur window summoning u to come play. Did she drive passed all hours of night hoping u'd be by vegasbaby side.

vegasbaby loves daddy/baby roleplay, she'll be ur sugababy at a price, want u to spend, spend, and spend.

vegasbaby not very bright, but has fuck face a daddy who will understand baby, when u can't relate to woman u say, u luv. Soon Gabrielle will talk to other women about how he can fix marriage.

Talking about how to love partner with someone else do romantic. Leads to cheating : ). Bozos has money to cheat on one another trust fund babies, so trustees control most of trustfunds money at will's consent.

Wart's mother agrees vegasbaby was a better choice based on who her father was in Military, a name who could have furthered his career. Mommie in law has met Lolita, sent vegasbaby on a cruise in 2014. Mommie inlaw wanted an upgraded mother in law suite.

Gabrielle have u stopped buying flowers for vegasbaby? Now girlie boy humiliated has cause to cheat. damn Gabrielle devalued u quickly like liquidated stock, but not sunk yet.

09/12/2019 18:00 · alisssandra

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