an investigative mind is a terrible thing to waste. Fuck My Thoughts experiments in intuitive predictive programming verses classless cliched modernity

A Cautionary Narrative written to protect the guilty. theory ebbed with conspiratorial characters, shady deals, and death lurks. Havoc wreaks chill down spine, unnerved adrelaline to sheer Oblivion without notice. What happens when obsession turns fatal?

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A cautionary Tale Enter @ your own risk. Welcome to My Socio Experiment.

fuckmythoughts twists, turns, scandal reign supreme. Str-8 talk for twisted subjects. A Natural Dominant, sex isn't dominance, libido cockblocked. My Audio Narrative.

Inquisitive Mistress Alisssandra on Niteflirt, an Intuitive Findomme Sexual Denialist with Artistic Edge. Articles commentating relationships, love, commitment, sex, and aftermath. Paints tales of contradicted marital bliss gone awry.

How self denial leads into horrific domestic violence. Sparks deep seeded issues of neglect, abuse, through lack of connection, communication leads to conspiracy, death, and accidental suicides. Morbidity, all to familiar. follow my twittered brick road, courage cowardly

Spectrum of topics vanity, delusional fantasies, and exposes dark ethics in Negative Dominance, financial ruination. Call for advice @ Niteflirt 1-800-863-5478 Press 3 enter ext: 0189705.

judge (photo of child in question.)

I've never been alone with wart

I've never vacationed, taken trip, never anywhere with him. I'm terrified of being alone with him, living in our car doesn't count we have visible neighbors.

I spend 2 hrs a day with with wart. Rest of the time he's fucking off playing wizard of war craft, starmash, or talking to his Argentinian lover bombita.

Who recently married, and hates his life choice already regretting decision for marriage. Why didn't wart talk him self out of a bad marriage? before wart said, “I do.”

09/12/2019 16:25 · alisssandra

Fuck the Judge I've got a Grudge

daddie, I know ur looking out for mims and toilet boy it's why u have company in names.

I am 1st Born, no one can strip title not through Death. u should die for killing a illegitimate bystander.

Chain of birth order, 1. Alisssandra, 2. brandi placed for adoption. daddie needs me dead to protect business built for children.

Mommie and wart say, “I'm gunna have to fight u in court for inheritance?” Fuck dat how bout I blow ur Lilly Asian no asses up?

Before daddie makes death bed, take everything causing death. daddie will sell people out for a lesser sentence, business will be closing soon. Rats better jump ship asap.

09/10/2019 00:55 · alisssandra

Making a deal with devil

Going to My father and making a fucking deal he can't refuse my husband. 2006 wart changed degrees from computer science to business accounting. Year Bruce got out of jail. wart's excuse he didn't want to be on computers his entire life, and it's where he wastes life with me.

Life is expensive with Me? Living with him is living with My mother. Oh, it's your birthday? We never have to celebrate that, wart made life miserable.

wart openly cheats, people accept his level of cheating, because they believe I've cheated on him? u fuck because ya want to fuck reason invalid. Fuckers have lied about Me for years. Wart, I'm ready to bust ur ass. Keep fucking with Me.

Need to shave sugamammas bushy, bush? Now u have one for her, and one for u. Now stuck purchasing another.

Mom, dad, brothers and sisters I'm blowing ya the fuck up!! All of u are traitors. Kassandra, Bruce, Michelle, Lewis, Elyse, Jonah, Dave, Emily, Team Red!!

It's all gewd cuz muthafucka suffers every day for wart's poor choices, you don't live with bullshit. I will happily drag u into our shit, and I will force ur fucking hands, cuz peeps be bluffing, I trumped full house. Check Mate, and I told u, I have a big black cock. No, fear in whippin it out when necessary.

09/09/2019 18:51 · alisssandra

E Cleaners

Cute name daddie in 2016 Eldons cleaners closed 2016? Summit Canyon Pub tac, Porter's across from O'Malley's in pewallup, Eldons cleaners located at ground zero. fuckfacefergie, ew, and wart worked gives access from corner to corner. E cleaners name screams come purchase what u are peddling. Apparently law turned against u, and pushed u out.

mims married a man who is a mucky mucky in eqc, and daddie runs through tribes. Money, bitches, and drugs. mims husband, a figure head, so if shit hits fan, daddie has Patsy for jailing, mims walks away with ex husband's wealth, frees a path for mims. Thea, double crosser u married will destroy u for Her Freedom, better watch ur back Thea.

Thea an outsider, I am already displaced, fate waiting for u much worse jail time. Better muscle daddie out, so ur not set up for daddies crimes. daddie agreeable when daddie gets what he wants. When he doesn't watch him become devil.

23andMe busted Genetics, Genetics, and damn genetix. Not being 100% pure blood, but half breed. In world of Racist Asians that's not Asian.

Ajumma had an affair before marriage, phawn resulted from affair. Ajumma kept phawn first born at arm's length did not care for his achievements, wife, or children. phawn was never good enough for Ajumma. Kelly died illegitimately a half cousin.

Facts or fiction pends who is reading? Real evidence will come in 23 and me. Adoptees have a better chance in locating family. Welcome to a world, “I know who fucked u.” Entertaining isn't?

09/09/2019 16:53 · alisssandra

Suck n Fuck

It's alright that u fantasize about being the hotchick at work, hate sluts who gets out of work. Men will fuck to get out of work. People are pan sexual in today's standard. don't hate sluts, when men will get down on knees to suck cock for bonus. That's Reality.

09/08/2019 15:19 · alisssandra

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