Fuck My Thoughts

Written to protect the guilty.

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Response to Niteflirt Client

If I have a dusty coochie it's b/c my so called husband couldn't feather out the dust. Ya, dig :)

04/20/2019 16:05 · alisssandra

Intuitive Narrative

Story spawned from experience. Missing fragments filled in by Me. Story spun through dreams, Truthfully, I have never been in love, deep forms of lust, but no real bonds. Sex for Me is a broken replayed records skipping more than occasional beat. If I am going have orgasm I need love. why I've never experienced orgasm. Love comes from heart, communication, understanding, and growing together. True love willingness to grow without fear of judgement. Don't form relationships until mature enough to handle work schedules, career changes, emotionally ready to give, and receive. Minds change constantly, don't to chose or settle. I advocate against marriage. If you can't trust partner. Marriage does not reconcile loneliness, insecurity, finance, or worth tax credit. If marriage chips away @ piece of mind was cost of marriage worth expense of Independence? Leaving marriage opens a whole new issue, people are still divorcing after 5 years. Why? Neither party was heard, and I'm going to make u suffer.

04/20/2019 17:46 · alisssandra

I'm not here to listen

I'm not here to listen to how u serve Me and only Me. FIRST, lie, second, I don't give a shit about how broke, how u feel I'm raping ur time, reduce My price, I better get what I want. financial advice to have sound security don't spend what u don't fucking have!! Secondly, I am not raping u, realistically ur raping family!!, and abuse family without consent mutherfucker. My husband raped Me for years, I am over his reign of terror. Hate word Reality? Don't like ur Wife because she decided to grow up? don't like ur husband because he decided to grow up? To fucking bad let Me coddle u some more. Wouldn't u love that. This is what nurture has taught Me over time

04/20/2019 16:38 · alisssandra

Happy birthday


04/20/2019 17:07 · alisssandra

Can I have $5.00

Sounds like u want to buy lunch for a gurl who who treated u to breakfast. wart so romantic. Novel idea share a lunch. Oh, shit the whore gets the big piece of ๐Ÿ”.

04/20/2019 16:12 · alisssandra

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