/ abstract


window's never changed who he was for a day, hour, split second. fucker, played, and manipulated.

Envy, window's never stopped fuckin around, partied without me, allowed others to be themselves, but when I wanted to be myself. I was a mere embarrassment.

Dead give away long time pal of window's, exclaimed, "Oh, My Gawd You Married Her??"

he paraded ew-ha around as if she were his wife, accompanied her to a wedding, went on vacations, she met his family. Flew me out of Japan when Fukushima happened to fly her in for a Nuclear Season.

They celebrated birthdays, labor day, memorial day, split independence. Everyone knew windows cheated, and window's gives me cunt's name. What low down dirty shit is this!?

he never celebrated a birthday with me, never wanted to be seen with me, told me to handle my fucked up issues, and come back when better. he always had something better to do such as ew-ha's college homework. anything to kiss her precious ass to prove his worthiness good boy.

ew-ha has nothing to worry about b/c hitman has not a heart. anything sweet window's say's bout me a used tactic to bait ew-ha's pathetic ass. he like'em crazy and unstable just like him.

I'm envious he was emotionally, physically, and mentally connected. while romeo's romancing other women, I wasted away at home. My life came to a screeched halt. Eventually I rolled over and played dead. Zero mental and emotional stimulation.

My world lost color trapped in mundane, lack of enthusiasm.