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Fuck No Fault

1st 24hrs. cunt calls moment we walked into apt. cunt has wart's exact location. Asked to marry at gun point "marry or leave." after cunt rejected wart's proposal to spite cunt. married woman he hates.

Killing 2 birds w/ 1 stone. 1st Question after 1st hour of marriage: we legal? statement after 10yrs of marriage: I married you what more do you want? Time, energy, effort, and financed cunt over a span of 12yrs. cunt had everything she needed or wanted.

1st bonus check designated to ubu. First trip Tuscon, 2nd trip California, 3rd trip Japan, and neighbors once again. wart a stones throw from cunt, so their lives can resume. Helped cunt: rodeo ambition, college, employment, and relocation.