/ critical

fucked up timeline

Everything he did for her.

Flew to Florida, I didn't realize he rendezvoused with ew-ha at magical kingdom. window's and I lost sight of one another for an hour. I'm not sure how he found me.

2 days before x-mas window's had swimmer's ear, miscarriage x-mas. window's family crucified me before we left. After our trip, I never wanted to speak to him again. Never mentioned miscarriage. Why? I felt he had zero responsibility b/c we were not married.

Went and purchased their first vehicle together, cute little pontiac. ew-ha damaged vehicle before car left car lot. window's loved little reminder she left for him, and busted headlight 3 years later.

Chose cute cozy place not to far from his work. Their fuck bungalow

apartment E-5 number and letter represent them. where we resided, he was close to ew-ha. he had me in a cummie sleeping bag.

He'd pick ew-ha up for morning college class, receipts for Mc'd's ice cream cones littered throughout consul.
Arrived home with fly down, fell asleep on bus, anything to avoid home.

Escorted her to a Social function, a month after we were married.

They discussed his dismissal from current position. window's brought home a bottle of alcohol, thanx to her recommendation. he quit his job.

I ask him to give up electronics, he did for a short while, proclaimed he wasted precious time for not going to college. Presto computer back.

He'd take her to school and share a Mc'D's ice cream cone. Favorite places to eat Red Robin, Rock City, Dairy Queen,

Any Place we ate at I had to send my food back 90% of the time. I loved Mitzel's and burned down.

A family member passes, he cried in her arms.

He told me he never needed anything from me.

Sex became a four minute fiasco, his eyes tightly shut, and tormented. I understand why? Oh, Boy, was I depressed...

I turned into a hippo unattractive. No, worries weight is under control now :) A health scare helped for a healthy change.

told me he never wanted to eat my nasty pussy ever again. Truthfully his oral sucked, not much of a loss.

I should have saw something by this time? Right? Fuck NO!

First vacation to Arizona, ew-ha took windows to meet her auntie. His lie convenient, "I need to have certification for this class in this specific state?"