/ niteflirt

High School.

Oh, I fucked in high school.

My biggest fear ~A teen fantasy~ I didn't have sex in high school better find a teen boy to cure my ill.

No, No, No!!

sex in high school prolly some of the best sex ever awkward, scared, pumped with adrenaline.

naughtiest sex experienced, because sex was taboo.

Challenged parental belief, social perception, and double standard.

Fuck why not? I am here to discover who I am as an individual.

Mistakes, failures, and trips have taught me valuable lessons in life.

At 18 I chose who I am, and I own every decision ever made.

After 18, sex went from fun to oh, my gawd this fucking sucks!

Seriously, timid men who suffer performance issues, or pleasing timid men who can't return the favor.

I have multitudes of stories of disappointment.