/ niteflirt

Idea for sex tape.

High School, propositioned to make a sex tape.

Sophomore year.

The idea menage a trois.

I smirked, "Sure we can do a sex tape, under my conditions."

1st. I keep VHS <- Why not adhere to what I want?

Perhaps, they worried I would share our dirty lil secret?

Possibly, I cringed, if they shared our nasty documentary for educational purposes.

Teaches Empathy, not Apathy.

2nd. You and Jon will wear sexy lingerie, make-up, wigs, why not be My pretty Lil Babies, we can play dress up..

Want to be a slut I'll treat you accordingly.

3rd. strap on, and sex toys galore.

I wanted custom dildo's of their cocks.

I wanted both to have an understanding how they would feel in my pussy.

4th. I can do whatever the fuck I want to you and Jon.

After, I explore each nook and crannie of each universe.

I will give my body, how does My Fantasy sound?

Both happily declined sex tape.

I did not want my cavities filled due to their issues of homosexuality.

A flap of vaginal skin to separate cocks says, "homo."

If Jon and Eddie wanted to fuck don't invite middle man.