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40 years of my life to figure my family wants me dead, if I were leave hitman,

finding dirty little secrets he harbors.

He can't bare humiliation the way I see it if we can take of his cunt comfortably..

He and super cunt need to come together to support me : )

The way we support this state puffed marshmallow has made damn sure no man

will want her for looks.

cunt wad's ring ready to pop off her finger.

hitman finds it funny to toss this bitch in front of me every opportunity he has

cunt and brother walk in.

Sounds like a bad joke already.

I could not believe what I saw my husband will stick his cock in anything!

My mistake for ever believing he had "standards"

The "standard" is cunt wad's fat inheritance (women finances, level of

abuse, and drug use amazing for a married man to be held in such esteem..who the

fuck is he?) I'd say patsy, joker, riddler, magician, he has a sloppy team.