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Incorrect: "Jesus died for our sins." Correct: "Jesus was killed for our sins."

Logic Dictates: shouldn't humanity be put to death over Jesus Christ?

Shouldn't we die over our sin?

After all a man died for our sins, shouldn't we all die for killing an innocent?

man who calls himself, "Son of God."

People followed Jesus, Empires employed fear to gain loyalty in people.

Empires feared a man who thought freely, a true Protestant Thinker.

Son of God, Son of Earth, Son of Man, and student of life.

Get the picture?

Jesus recognized our planet as God.

Jesus walked with 13 Apostles.

13 Apostles envious Jesus chose a Woman for companionship.

Jesus understood religion lives within us, and we as people can unionize.

One man died for his beliefs, convictions, and faith.

A man sentence to death by his peers.

Socrates, another put to death by his peers for thinking.

And so forth and so on.