/ critical


leaving my marriage, learning what hitman has done is enough to fuck me up.

Truth I never cheated, lied, or stole.

I know, "I deserve a fuckin medal."

Oh, fuck no!

What I deserve to realize I need to leave my cheating spouse.

Why would I want to degrade myself?

Isn't that equivalent to becoming who I never wanted to be?

Over time changed myself I missed out on celebrating myself

I robbed moments because hitman worked on his bithday

I felt terrible, and I never celebrated my own birth.

Changed little things such as this or that

I inherently killed myself in process.

I missed my own beauty.

I have learned Compromise is a terrible thing neither party is truly happy.

What I learned now love is truly loving oneself is inherent.

Love can not exist if I can not be myself and love can not exist if other can not

be oneself.

Secrets are lame, lack of communication due to fear of how hitman may respond,

and fear stemmed from commitment.

Scarred with what I was raised with is enough to leave me terrified, but

I did not allow my environment to change me, I learned through observation,

I took everything I hated and said, "There has to be a different way."

Hated for a singular difference.

Heart of a Warrior beats strong, unwaivered, and cautious.

I will never forsake Love I have for myself.

I stepped into marriage with honest intention to be told I was wrong.

I entered with pure intent, now I can leave with integrity.