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emily and 3 bears

grinning cunt don't take it personal since you rejected R's proposal, poor military

boy didn't make enough for ya

R gettin married certainly boosted income, and he supports ur ass like a

charitable welfare baby.

What mommie and daddy forget to give grinnin cunt allowance.

How dare R blame me for any financial woo, when he spends on whores, he'd rather

spend his money on a sure thing ; ).

Why didn't u help his wealth, wallet, and pocket book? Oh, by using illegal means

to further there wallets fuck just as stupid.

Jo, Ferg, R...its funny like the 3 bears, and goldilox!!

jo: small under developed pee-pee stuck on viagra, but wallet just right..

fuckfaciefergie: dick hooked correctly to press on grinning cunt's bent pussy.

Ah, and here but last but not least hitman....just the right gullible dummie.