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Don't understand English??

Read before ya Call.

a slave to lust, lusting anything goes against My Nature.

i'm calling to follow Your direction, i have bottle of fresh poppers.

i want to be Teased and Denied.

How do u want to be, "Teased and Denied?"

Well, i put choice in Your hands.

Oh, Hold for Ten left nostril.

i don't understand What you mean?

What is unclear with My directive?

"i don't understand what You mean by hold for 10 seconds?"

"Oh, u inhale for 10 seconds is this hard for u to understand?"

English is ur first language right?

"i don't like attitude.."

he hung up, after 2 minutes.

Calls next day, just to tell Me how I hurt his pathetic feelings, and leaves

negative feedback.

As a Alpha Femme Dominant I am going to snuff out pathetic and deplorable bottoms.

Don't Tell Me to, "Take Lead." if u can't hang.

If ur not ready for True Dominance I suggest u get ass in wading pool and cry

along with other underdeveloped sperm.