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Yes, a Denialist we can discuss ur depraved fantasies, do not ask Me to guide u to orgasm, don't ask Me to tell u how to stroke ur pathetic cock stick.

u touched urself for years, how am I suppose to know what u like, want, or need?

ur here to verbalize fantasies how degrading discussing how u want to suck big black daddy dick.

How u crave strapping males who want to use ur tight lil hole, how u want to be belle of ball used like a fucktoy.

I'm open for such level of conversing, I don't offer TEASE and DENIAL.

What the fuck do those words mean to Me?

lil bitch searching for gratification in orgasm one who tops from bottom, and I stomp on lil bitches who look for selfish levels of pleasure.

"OH, Mistress i want to eat ur pussy, ass" ewww what a unrealistic bottom.

I'm not offering phonesex bitch.

Grab ur pikestaff if u need, but I don't want u dumb, deaf, mute, and blind.

ur to be involved in ur active fantasies by making u verbalize ur humiliation.