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A confident, secure, and humble individual.

Rare combination upholding artistic values, character, and core.

Not a stitch of plastic surgery, Not beaten by hollywood!

Whatever negative Kehlani experienced.

Woman is making damn positives!!

Perfection from root to tip, Phoenix in physical form.

Kehlani's voice denotes Phoenix, songstress captivates, embodies, cultivates

thought, and elegantly translates feeling.

A genuine article! fucking with beats and flipped script.

An old soul revamped and churning out wisdom with melody.

Appealing sexuality and drenched sensuality.

Sex done right without trash, glitz, or pretension.

Understanding change is inevitable, life/relationships.

without seasons life would cease to progress

Choreography intense and stunning blended island influence if Kehlani were to open

channel with choreography #1 trending!