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red sparrow

Jennifer Lawrence has lost love of acting disparity shows in red sparrow.

The movie fed from memoirs of a geisha, la femme nikita, point of no

return, 007, American Mary.

Movie cut and pasted from different segments from several different


Scenes where she is beaten highly unrealistic, head should be split wide

open, loss of teeth, broken femur, busted ulna, and suffer radial


Yet this bitch can take a beating and keep on ticking?

The fuck me scene more embarassing, J. Law is no Jolie.

Jolie transitions from serious, senual, sexy with ease.

J Law is not comfortable with sexuality, and level of uncomfortability


Acting shallow, underdeveloped, and fuck lets face it J. Law hasn't left

saga of hunger games.

I thouhgt of Magge Q for Role, Maggie Q was ideal for role, this is what

happens when people bank on names.