/ critical

Rumor has it

Our marriage over before we ever began.

He questioned validity of marriage, marriage certified funeral.

Zero celebration, forgot rings, and forgot me.

After 3yrs of marriage wanted prenup?

We married nigga, a nup ain't necessary.

His investments panned out, and wanted to protect his assets.

What I learned he has a love for money that surpasses any human need, money his one vice.

He can make promises he has zero intentions of keeping.

If ew-ha believes she shares any thing special with window's ew-ha is sorely mistaken.

she doesn't need to marry him to spend his money, all she needs is a little pill to help him relax. :)

Their sex based on chemical dependency.

nigger has always had a second phone, kept in touch with his slut friends.

I was amazed over the amount of drama he brought to ef net.

Meaning bitches cryin over his sorry ass when I made the announcement we married.

Many private msgs came my way they didn't even know he was with someone.

Rumors sprang in astrology bout hitman.

I didn't realize how interactive life was for hitman.

He didn't want me online?..I understand why now..