/ niteflirt


Sex with hitman, unadulterated fun in beginning.

Pills had penis pumpin.

anytime he bitched about my smokey breath.

he needed hit of whatever.

"Privacy!" his posted word.

After "marriage" he forgot how to fuck.

Asked me to, "Talk Dirty."

Odd we never spoke, "dirty."

Before marriage.

I'm required to talk dirty?

I lack ability to talk and fuck.

Much like a guy, My Vag preoccupied to bother with challange of speaking.

Fuck, if sex is good, nothing but sounds of direct pleasure.

I always felt if guy needed pep talk during sex, reassurance, or coddled during sex.

My favorite question, "Who's the best you've ever been with?"

My response, "Why do you plan on being with them anytime?"

I'm noy going to say, "your the best" inflate ego, or pump pride.

boys who harboured deep feelings of insecurities.

Are guys I passed on.

Indication immature male lacked emotional security.

hitman, after marriage pulled a 180.

Hello Dr Jeryll and Mr. Hyde.