/ critical

shit, he gave her.

fucker, gave ew-ha my first canon eos it was not a gift from him, my first camera purchase.

took 1200.00 of moldavite, his nook, a free cabin trip, laptop a gift for college graduation.

ewha destroyed my dr. martins (I will never find another pair like that again!)

Destroyed passenger seat of or vehicle, Purchased saddle, new puppy, riding boots, shirts, outfits, wow windows went out of his way.

Caring for another gave her shit to pacify her wants.

Made sure he had another bank account dedicated for her usage.

Over several years took care of her the best way.

Purchased a BMW together when my husband took a vacation to California took ew-ha and fff for a serious ride trekked up the coast, I suppose windows had to be movin on up.

Instead of flying back they did a road trip from cali to Wa.

arriving at 4:20 am ha-ha what a joke right.

Made playing house a bit easier, ew-ha can purchase dishes, decor, and furnishings.

I found it strange when cowboy decor mags began flooding our mailbox.

windows is a part time lova, a dedicated husband he is not. windows took her to wine, whiskey tastings, rodeo, bridal shops and events.

How romantic.

ew-ha was planning to move in? Wha?

ew-ha and windows are old drug buddies who else can he share his fantasies ew ha understood his perversions.