/ abstract

Social Disturbance.

Both parents terribly abused, not able to emotionally mature, created Border Line Personality Disorders.

My parents are 1 year 4 months and 8 days apart, born Mercury in Retrograde, initials reversed spell calm, and birthday 8-14.

Born on a Black Moon or New Moon.

Granted protection by rites of DNA by extra-terrestrial influence, and hunted by military.

Due to my origins what makes me special? My parents DNA Nordic/Star Maternal, Star/Dragon Paternal.

Other world beings planned my birth awhile ago.

I have Nordic, Star, and Dragon DNA are stable.

Nordic and Star DNA should not co-habitat, but ah-ha Dragon DNA gives stability.

How? Scientists are working theories of my origins.

military began tests at birth, actual testing at 3. Alias: Livewire, number Z10RX2

A memory, carted down a concrete hall way, wrapped mummy style, and strapped down.

The musty air burned my nose, water dripped, and fluorescent lights hurt my eyes.

Six people carried me on a gurney, hats, green uniform, huge metal doors.

I don't remember anything else.