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I hate fuckwad's shitty perfume to cover foul odor of infected dump.

Rotten cum with yeasty curdled cheese hitman's favorite dish, and happily cart nasty remnants.

cunt marked territory have filthy varmint.

yummy miscellaneous cunt and cock

And this bastard kisses me?!?!

I have to think about STI's hitman could possibly pass.

hitman a walking code violation.

Anytime he fucks in car, my ocd kicks, idea of having

infected cum on ass, hand, anywhere really.

I fear constantly for my health.

Not only do I worry about STI's, but he smokes any synthetic grubby lil hands can reach.

Anytime they smoke that shit Violates My Health.

Shit, sets me on beast mode, Game on 'fraidy cat.

I'll give you a better fight.

Killing William a mistake, 3 deaths.

choke urself with own hand, since u feed yourself with that very hand.