window's not a government informant, but a patsy for US gov.

window's developed drug habit began 12 at 15 full blown usage, military career helped hide habit.

Knowledge on which drugs will pop on drug tests. I swear he'd ask, "Do I look like a drug user?"

Thinking now..Yes, If he has to ask, my answer, Yes.

man who volunteered for Over Seas, seeing a life he never explored.

Men who offered window's everything but the world to feed his habit, anything his little heart desired.

Offered Sex, Drugs, and whatever else his hedonistic heart desired.

Decided to follow a terrible crowd of people who wanted to use Taylor Swift (dummie).

ew-ha offered her services for betterment of mankind by keeping window's in a "submissisve state."

my husband flew out for any woman who would have him, and how unfortunate for me.

Problems marrying a Boy who has zero identity. SHIT

Sorry, by keeping any man in a horned out state, and calling himself, "submissive" is incorrect.

If I have to keep any male in a "sub state" what this means is I am catering to My slave's demand's by entertaining his pathetic cock.

No, Fucking Way!

window's involved with many illegal activities.

Smoked spice for years around me, and inhaled copious amounts of this shit.

My health 2% heart murmur, central nervous system fried, and post traumatic stress disorder.