/ critical


window's not a government informant, but patsy.

window's habit began 12 at 15 full blown usage, military career help hide habit.

Knowledge of what drugs pop for testing. he'd ask, "Do I look like a drug user?"

Thinking now..My answer, Yes.

volunteered Over Seas, opted for piracy.

Offered Sex, Drugs.

dummy followed crocodiles past shallows, and taylor paddlin for dear life.

ew-ha took one for the team, ensured position in penisanus, kept him submissive state (stroked ego, dick, drugs).

Ensured spot in C-Lab.

cunt kept him in flowed supply.

hitman flew for any woman.

Problems marrying a Boy who has zero identity.


Sorry, by any person horned out is horny not submissive (duh), and calls themselves, "submissive" is incorrect.

If I have to keep any male in a "sub state" Catering to a slave's demand by entertaining pathetic cock.

No, Fucking Way!

window's involvement with illegal activities.

My health 2% heart murmur, central nervous system fried, and post traumatic stress disorder.