/ niteflirt

Unexpected visit.

Once upon a time I worked as a bartender at the 5.

I could have swore I met a client unintentionally.

I don’t meet clients safety key.

I want his work/home/social security/background check, and if I went missing people know exactly where to search.

His screen name KHB, he called let me know he would be out of town.

I was very open with him about where I worked, he lives in PA I did not expect a visit.

One night a man came in new “work clothing” most men I see come through have worked a full day.

Their clothing generally worn in dirty, dingy, and sweaty.

a man wore new red/black plaid shirt and dungaree, nails manicured, (his hands had not seen an intensive day of labor), and smelled fresh.

Claimed he had endured a difficult day at work.

I wondered where was the difficulty?

His voice sounded familiar, but I ignored the obvious.

He orders a beer, we discuss chess, and his bullshit day at work.

I was off shift yay! Regulars were in so he politely excused me from our conversation.

I swear the moment I arrived at the hotel, I turned my line on, and he calls, and wanted to know about my day.