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Genetic experiment before birth, maternal needed RhoGam shot, vaccinated cringes, and somehow altered with mutant strains of whatever we are pumped with as children. Each generation seems to spawn a new cancer.

so damn special instructed to never donate blood letter received from American Red Cross. I had made an appointment with my Doctor. Had every test ran to discover any malfunction? My tests normal.

A couple of years later I wanted to donate again. The sadistic asshole who handled finger poker stabbed my finger, and dismissed due to rapid pulse.

I went in for a HIV Test. Three times clinic lost my blood? Finally, fourth try Woo-hoo negative.

On my birthday I miscarried. Sloppy abortion clinic, Ultra sound I didn't hear a heart beat. Clinics have sound off for a multitude of reasons. The nurse could not see anything, asked for another urine sample, and blood sample.

I gave another urine sample to find my first sample hadn't even been touched. Next, they took blood charged 150.00, and sent us on our way. Before, end of day I should have received a phone call.

Friday came, and waited till Monday to hear from clinic. Tuesday I call, receptionist tells me I am not in clinic's database. My face, huge question mark. Receipt in hand, "Oh, ready for invoice number?"

My next question, "What happens when a clinic loses, misplaces, or mishandles personal property?"

Receptionist calls, confirms miscarriage, and keytones declined. I had another question, someone arrived at her front desk. While on hold, she was unnerved, ignored my last question, and hung up.