/ critical

Wedding Cake

fuckwad ropin a fraudulent trophied divorcee!!

What Vegas marriage was not enough for you?

My husband polygamist, 2 wives, awesome, and 2 children with 2 separate women.

Yep, prized cock, hitman can score with ladies.

Issue he knows how to make it last for a little while, he has plenty of love

to give, but has attention of a flea.

Once he's sucked blood, he's on to next, like a parasite.

Zero control over cock, so please enjoy my headache :))

What an ugly cake, who am I to judge?, shit brown with a buckle?

I hope hitman feels noose around neck tight!!

I hope like hell fuckwad squeezes every ounce of life out of him.

One good turn deserves another.

For u it's all about the "win" hehe, after competition is done what's next?

Life in saddle?

If neither experienced life together?

Sure workin side by side is one thing, fuck he left his job b/c of fuckwad,

visiting is another, but what about living together?

Aren't u missing backseat mischief, night drives, base life awesome place for cheap


Nights by fireplace in blue sleeping bag, wondering when next woman will

be in bed you share.

If he's done it to me, you won't be the last, so enjoy your prize.

He might have taken you everywhere, but your known as the cheating whore, while

hitman revered pussy eater admired by co-workers.

Appearances are everything!